I am just a little cross.

I saw, over there on Facebook, that Youngest Daughter wrote Birthday wishes on two walls less than an hour ago, and she never wrote to me.

I am, however, just a little relieved to know that at least, the three of them are not being held hostage somewhere without being allowed to write, call or whatever. 

Today, Beloved Son in Law stopped in to take the pickup load of things for the dump.  He is a good and helpful son in law, and has been in faithful contact with the girls.  I asked him if he had heard anything from them in the last two days and he said he hadn’t.  Then he informed me that he wasn’t really expecting to hear anything from them these last two weeks of their trip “because they really weren’t staying any place.”

“THEY WEREN’T STAYING ANY PLACE???” (I controlled my voice quite well.  My panic, not so much.)  “They have to be staying SOMEPLACE!!!” I said reasonably.

“No, they don’t,” he said amiably.  “I think they were just going to sleep in the car. . . Maybe I wasn’t supposed to tell you that,” he said belatedly.

“SLEEP IN THE CAR?!?!?!?!?!?  Are they allowed to do that???”

“Well, probably the same as here.  You really aren’t supposed to, but people do it.”

I was desperately trying to find a safe place for them to be.  “Maybe they can go to something like a campground or something like that,” I said hopefully.  “Somewhere they should allow people to park and sleep.”

“I have no doubt,” he said with his unnecessarily cheerful grin, “that they will have a run-in with the police somewhere along the way, but that isn’t so unusual.”


Oh, well, what’s a Mom to do?  I guess I will just go and pray hard.



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  1. This momma’s heart is doing a flip, flip, flop right now. I’ll go and pray hard with you! I’m missing my Holly girl something ferocious right now.

  2. Oh my word, Mary Ann. I would be just like you, but I have to confess I am laughing out loud. Your way of telling it is so funny! I’m glad your girls will soon be home all safe and sound.

  3. Oh, what the youth will do!  But they seem to survive just fine.

  4. Oh Mary Ann, I know, I know! My son has been back for several weeks, and he and his buddies did nothing but sleep in the car when they weren’t staying with people they knew! He considered it a high adventure, if a mite uncomfortable! But, I figure it’s good I didn’t know everything that went on as it was going on!He also didn’t think it was against the law, per se, to sleep in the car! (If that helps!)

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