There were a few of you who were disappointed when I didn’t get cinnamon rolls made for the Bake Sale/fundraiser for Charis that our church had two weeks ago.  I HAD said that I was going to, but just didn’t have enough time, what with Our Girl Nettie falling and several unexpected things going on.  But I had SAID that I was going to.

Well, I have some mixed up and in the fridge, awaiting the morrow.  Certain Man has a birthday on Friday of next week, but is headed for Ohio mid week for some of the difficult things involved in planning for his parents.   So his office is having his birthday party tomorrow morning and have ORDERED cinnamon rolls as the thing they wanted me to contribute.  With my human failures in mind, I made an extra batch and there will be a few left, if anyone is interested.  Just call me.

The other thing is that if you want some cinnamon rolls for a specific event, as long as you let me know a few days ahead of time, I would be glad to accommodate your request and the proceeds will go to the Charis Fund.

And for my far away friends– I’ve been known to overnight cinnamon rolls to my sister in law in California, and I even will do that IF you pay for the shipping — which is over $30.00 for a pan   Which is in addition to the $9.00 for the rolls.  . .

(I can just bet the orders will come flying in  . . . at $39 a pan that is about the size of a large chinet plate.)


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  1. you’d be rollin in the dough……..hehe……and giving most of it to the postmaster.   😦 

  2. I’d love to have some!!  I’ll try to remember to call tomorrow:) 

  3. Mary Ann, will you message me for the phone number for the corn silker. It is not working for me to message you. I cannot print beyond the “title” and it won’t even send that. If you  message me, I can respond to your message! I don’t know why I can’t get out to others?! Your cinn. rolls sound wonderful! How close do you live to me??? 🙂

  4. LET’S SEE i WILL TAKE 10 PAN’S at 39 $ each  that would be 390.00 Now if only I can get hubby to pay for it 🙂  Just kidding ! But man they would be nice to try someone elses to see how I compare 🙂 You are far more better baker than I am !

  5. The Post Office would like your deal better than my money manager husband LOLIf only we lived closer!

  6. I think that would still be cheaper than Cinnabon’s.  But yours would be soooooo much better.  Very tempting!!!  Especially for a good cause like the baby’s.

  7. hmm how many cinnamon rolls are in one of those $39  pans???  Sounds yum!  but my husband would think that was a little pricey! happy baking!

  8. Mary Ann,I forgot to pay u for the rolls that u gave our family, so how much and also can u privately message me on facebook how to make them including the icing please?Thank you again for the lovely treat, we enjoyed them!

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