An enchanted evening . . .

I mentioned in one of my blogs a few days back about friends who planned an evening out for our anniversary.  JR and Linda had gone over and over our schedule until we found a day that was suitable for both couples and then told us to block the evening of August the sixth out for a surprise excursion.  JR is not one to let someone forget something, so we were duly reminded, Daniel had to get off work early, and we were to be “ready to roll, dressed and in their car, by four o’clock in the afternoon.

We made it with one minute to spare.  At 3:59 by the clock on JR’s dash, we were driving out the lane at Shady Acres. 

“Turn left now!” said an authoritative female voice.  The GPS was clearly programmed for somewhere, but there was no destination listed.  Daniel and I both were completely clueless as to where we were headed.  It did read “93 miles to destination” so we knew that much at least.  With the help of the GPS, even when JR ignored her when she said, “Make a u-turn on Old Shawnee Road and return to Route 36” (didn’t do much for our confidence but realized that he is fascinated with pitting mind and experience against some kind of canned intelligence), we finally came into the town of Havre de Grace, Maryland, and pulled up beside a small paddle boat with the words “Lantern Queen” emblazoned on the side.   It looked like a great evening was ahead for us, and we were not disappointed.  I forgot my camera in the scurry to be “in the car, ready to go by 4:00” but Linda had hers!  And she was so gracious in e-mailing the pictures she took (and the ones that someone took for us) and here they are!

cruise 004

The four of us, soon after we got on board.

cruise 005

There were sailboat races in the area.  These didn’t seem to be especially fast paced or exciting, but they were beautiful.


cruise 006

There seemed to be alot of sailboats that were very much alike.

cruise 008
Concord Point Lighthouse.  One of the oldest continual use lighthouses in the United States


cruise 009

My good husband and I, enjoying the evening so very much.

cruise 011

It looks like lightening is hitting the cabin, but it is a string of lights. The boat was really small, and the atmosphere was personable and relaxing.  Supper was wonderful, and the staff was courteous and accommodating

cruise 010

On the way home, there was this one incredible moment when the sun hung briefly over the horizon and then was gone.  Linda caught this shot at the last possible moment.  It was a wonderful evening!!!

Thank-you, dear friends.  We had a memorable time!!!





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7 responses to “An enchanted evening . . .

  1. That looks fabulous.  It was nice to see JR and Linda again.  Thanks for introducing us to them at Shady Maple.

  2. Oh how lovely! That looks like it was a wondeful evening!

  3. Looks like a very special evening! Nice pictures of you folks also.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! What a great way to celebrate.

  5. Belated congratulations on your anniversary! So glad you could have a relaxing evening together with your special friends–looks like it was a neat experience. I hope the good memories will bless you in the months to come. L.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!  That just looks like a perfect evening!!

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