Summer days

I thought you all might enjoy some pictures from the last few days.

For starters, Youngest Daughter, decided that the toy box was in desperate need of her organizing, cleaning, and discarding ministrations.

When Certain Man made this years ago, it was intended for a wood box so it is very large and very deep.  Somehow, there came a time when we needed it far more desperately as a toy box, and it got pressed into service.  The only way to really get to the bottom of it is to get into it.


“This job is really discouraging, Mom.  I’m going to be at this forever!”

IMG_0353 (2)
“What are these things and WHY do we keep them?  Well, this gal is getting rid of them!”  (As well as lots of other things.  CMW went away so she could keep from interfering.)

Charis got her first taste of fresh peaches this week.  Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law have gotten her this nifty mesh bag that you can put fruit into, and then the baby can suck on it and not get any particles into their mouths.  It is so interesting to me.  Charis is rather unimpressed with sweet things, but loves fruit.

IMG_0348 (2)
This is Chris’s little “friend” who comes to sit on the kitchen floor and “play” with Charis while the Mommies can tomatoes or make whoopie pies for the Charis Fund, or whatever.  She is a precious little girlie, and we hope that she and Charis really will be friends some day.

Uncle Raph stopped by for lunch on this particular day, and none of the guys can resist this smiley, happy baby.  It does wonders to a day to stop and chat for a minute with this little bundle of miracle.

IMG_0354 (2)
Last night (Friday) Jesse and Christina went out and left Charis at our house.  She was lonesome for her Mama and Daddy, and so Rach took her out for a ride in the red wagon.  She acted like she wished it would go faster.

Auntie Rach provided the manpower.

“Here, Love Bug, let’s cover up your little legs so you don’t get too cold!”

IMG_0359 (2)
“I think I could get used to this kind of transportation!”

IMG_0361 (2)
“Let’s see what kind of mischief we can get into together, you and I, Love Bug!”

IMG_0364 (2)
Wow!  Those big brown eyes! 

IMG_0369 (2)
Uncle Lem and Auntie Jessica came last night, and Lem got his “Charis fix” for the next little while.  Philadelphia doesn’t seem so far away, but it is too far to just drop in any old time, so we cherish these times together.

Rachel had some friends over for the night on Thursday night, and they kinda feel like family, and we had a great time together.  Finally, even they were tired.

IMG_0377 (2)
Much friendly sparring went on, and I hope they weren’t too mad at either each other (or the rest of us) before the night was over.  We enjoy them so much.


I honestly don’t know what was so funny.
I honestly don’t WANT to know what was so funny.
All, Trisha-girl.  You are a funny girlie.
And Hannah, I love this picture of you. 

For more pictures, go to my photoblog.  There are quite a few more, there.



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4 responses to “Summer days

  1. isn’t it good to have the girls back!!!

  2. I enjoy seeing the family as they come and go to your home, so very nice. Your little Love Bug is thriving…..does she eat Miracle Grow? Seems she is indeed a miracle and she certainly is growing. That mesh fruit eating thing is certainly a nice item to have! Very nice pictures!

  3. I see Charis is enjoying her little Bumbo Seat. You have a blessed day Mary dear. Much love, Polly Wolly

  4. What wonderful pictures!  The whole family is getting into the baby fun!!  Great fun!!

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