An evening with friends

We had a great time last evening with (Daughter in Law) Regina’s family.  This is the week that Andy and Saloma Yoder’s entire family came to DE to the beach, and Raph and Gina thought it would be nice to get together.  We thought so, too, and so did the fine folk of Gina’s extended family.  There was some discussion as to where — but I asked Gina if we could please have it here, since with my ladies and my knees, it is really hard for me to go anywhere for very long.  What a splendid time we did have!  And yes, this entire family has been together at the beach since last Saturday.  It sounds like a grand time to me.  (Even made me wonder if Certain Man and his family could accomplish such a feat.  Oh!  That sounds wonderful!!!  We had so much fun when we went to Gatlinburg several years ago!) 

And Yes, last night, I did take pictures!


Our daughter in law, Gina,
And her sister, Marilyn.
(There was LOTS of sun this week!)


This is Gina’s brother, Fred, Her Mom, Saloma,
And Fred’s baby daughter, Raelynn.
The one person I didn’t get a picture of
Was Fred’s lovely wife, Jen.

Ruth, Sunburned but lovely as ever, is one of the best Mommies I’ve ever seen –and is also Gina’s oldest sister.
Here she is with Ava and Lilli.


Lilli was enthralled with the
family rocking horse.  This little
horse, made by
Suzyquekau‘s Grandpa Milton Beachy.
It needs some repair, but someone
as little as Little Lilli Troyer
can ride it just fine.


Uncle Raph has a good time with the nieces that he
acquired by marriage.  This is Annie.

This is Ava, and it is interesting to me how comfortable the girlies are around men.  I believe it is because they have one of the best daddies in the world. 


Besides this one, of course, and our Beloved Son-in-Law.

Don’t you know, we have to churn ice cream whenever there is a cookout at Shady Acres.  But frankly, it was too hot to do it outside.  So, Certain Man came up with a plan to do it inside.  In the laundry room.  Inside a plastic foot tub. 

Surprisingly, it worked very well.   There were enough masculine arms to get the job done, and plenty of young, female admirers to cheer them on.


Here, our Beloved Son in Law holds down the freezer while Gina’s Daddy, Andy, takes his turn at churning. 

I wish you could see Beloved Son in Law’s hand.  He had been holding the freezer down with his hand until Certain Man got him a blanket to put on top of the freezer and sit on.  Imprinted in his hand from where he had been holding it down was “White Mountain Freezer” (except it was in reverse, of course).  As you can tell, he was closely examining the damages while Ruth’s husband, Conrad, (daddy to Annie, Ava and Lilli) takes a turn at the crank as well.

The evening was just plain fun!  We enjoyed it very much.  The young people played “corn hole” for a while, and then the family piled into their two vans and headed back to Rehoboth. 

Good friends, good times, good memories.

Thank-you, dear friends for spending the evening with us. 




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2 responses to “An evening with friends

  1. Looks like a delightful evening, I could handle some of your yummy icecream. I envy all the beach time, that’s too much fun!

  2. I can’t believe how much hospitality you have with your bum knee. Gottaluv family times.

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