My Auntie Rach is getting even for all the times
Mommy put her hair in tiny little rubber bands.
Today was initiation day.
Mommy and Granny and Auntie Rach were laughing so hard they were crying.
Nevie was MAD.
He felt very sorry for me.
“I am not even going to laugh.
It is NOT funny!
I am going to bring her some toys to play with because she doesn’t like it!”
And so he did.

Charis and Rachel
Auntie Rach was the one who did it!
She was very pleased with herself.

Nettie came home with her red hat today.
I am not at all bothered by things on my head.
And so, here I am sitting on Nettie’s bed,
The youngest member of the red hat society ever!


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5 responses to “

  1. That’s our baby girl…<3 Great pictures!

  2. LOL!!     poor Nevie…. Daniel would have been mad too.   she’s too adorable!

  3. Ahhhh. . . so sweet.  How did you ever get R.’s hair in such a tiny little ponytail?

  4. She is growing so fast!! And who is Nevie?

  5. A sweetie, such a sweetie. Great pictures.

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