My Sweet Mama’s Family got together, those of us who could make it, for a family reunion on Saturday.  We had a splendid time!  I took alot of pictures, and if you want to see them, just go to my photos, look for “Albums, and find “Wert Reunion” and you will find them there.

In other news, Nettie had surgery today to repair a compression fracture on her T12 vertebra.  She got along really well, and Dr, Rowe says that she can probably come home tomorrow.  The house is strangely quiet without her.  Except that Cecilia is in her bed, giggling like a hyena!  I guess she thinks it is funny to be in her room all by herself.

A week from tomorrow, I see the orthopaedic surgeon, and hopefully we will get a more definite date as to when they will do surgery on these knees.  In other news, Cythia Abraham, a dear friend from New York City is fighting what appears to be a losing battle with cancer.  Her husband passed away shortly before Daddy did, and left her with four young daughters.  I don’t know what the girls will ever do without her.  She is an incredible Christian, and she brings peace wherever she goes. It is hard for me to think of the church in New York city without the steady, faithful, full of joy Cythia, and my heart is so sad for her tightly knit circle of friends and her lovely daughters.  This is certainly one of those times when there is no “right” answers.  Except that Cythia reminds us over and over again that God does what is best, and that she intends to trust Him.  And so, in part to honor her unfailing example, I purpose that I will, too.


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  1. How sad to think your friend will leave behind so many who love her and need her.  How old are her daughters?I was wondering how Audrey was doing with her “broken back”.  I am glad all went well.  Now for YOU!  Are you having both done at the same time?  Somehow I think that would be the way I would go.  But there are two schools of thought on that.  Keep us posted.  And God bless!

  2. Hi! How nice of you to speak of my mother in such a sweet way. I will miss her so much. Your whole family has been such a blessing to us in so many ways. Thanks so much, we love you guys!!!

  3. My thoughts are with this family at this difficult time. Cythia is an inspiration for me. Very sad though to think of the loss to her family.

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