Come for a visit to the yard at Shady Acres!

September Morn 020

The back yard. 
Certain Man has a leak in his roof above the deck
He has plans to repair it and change some things.
Stay tuned for progress reports. 

September Morn 021

One of the shrubs in the back yard is this Rose of Sharon

September Morn 022

Another shrub is a snowball bush


My Asparagus fern is Blooming!
I didn’t know they did that!

September Morn 011

My favorite container garden

September Morn 024

A coleus bloom from my favorite container garden

September Morn 023

A “whirlygig” flower from the same container

September Morn 013

Another container of which I am fond

September Morn 044

The blue Salvia are blooming

September Morn 043

More of the same

September Morn 014

A small pot into which I tucked some leftover Verbena

September Morn 026

Purple Verbena

September Morn 012

This is a very old container, and the flowers looked better earlier in the year
(even with a recent application of Miracle Gro)

September Morn 030

One of my fuschia flowers

September Morn 025

New Guinea Impatiens

September Morn 019

More New Guinea Impatiens

September Morn 010

Another container that has cockscomb, sweet potato vines and two colors of verbena

September Morn 035

The two colors of Verbena

September Morn 032

Last year, for Lem and Jessica’s wedding, I had lots of coral Verbena.
This is the only plant this year, but it is sturdily coming along.

September Morn 031

Vinca in a hanging pot

September Morn 034

Phlox in the side garden

September Morn 033

Some more Vinca by the walkway,


September Morn 009

My Friend, Ada, gave me this cheery, sturdy plant.

September Morn 042

It has bloomed its heart out for me.

September Morn 006

The oldest planter of all

September Morn 040

My sister, Sarah, gave this little statue to me several years ago

September Morn 005

These don’t look like much, but I am so pleased with them.
I got a whole lot of baskets of Vinca for three dollars each, and these two
looked so yellow and spindly when I got them, but they have filled out, gotten green
and are just plain nice to have!

September Morn 004

Another of my baskets.  This one is lopsided because
the other night when the youth group wanted to make ice cream,
I caught some of the Coleus with the hose and broke it off.
I was disappointed, but not devasted.

September Morn 038
I have another small pot that is one of my favorite, too.
It has this yellow cockscomb tucked into the back of it

September Morn 037

Then it has this begonia in it too, that is the main focus.

September Morn 001

It sits here on my old church bench and garners its share of comments.
I love this old yellow watering can.

Thanks for stopping by!
Come again –in person the next time.



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6 responses to “Come for a visit to the yard at Shady Acres!

  1. I’d love to be there in person! Your flowers are gorgeous. I love the fuschia the colors are wonderful. All th planters are beautiful.

  2. So much beauty! It’s easy to see that your flowers get lots of TLC!

  3. thanks for the litle walk and chat! 🙂

  4. How lovely!  Does Audrey still help water?  You have a lot of watering, but it is so worth it when you have such gorgeous colors!

  5. lovely flowers I especially like the watering can!

  6. Wow! Your flowers are flourishing – so gorgeous! Ours are about spent from the heat of the summer.

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