My friend, Dave Hertzler, says that he isn’t sure that this is a fern.
Does anybody know what this plant is?
I’ve always called it an “Asparagus Fern” but I would like to know the real name.  It did grow these little flowers just this week:

There is just one little area that has them.

It gets very prickly when it dries out a little and sheds its little prickles all over the place.  I kept it over the winter, and cut it way back this spring.  I decided that if it lived over the summer without much attention, I might bring it back in this fall.  So, it did get fertilizer one time and I water it now and then.  But not often.

What can anyone tell me???


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  1. Asparagus fern! At least I bought one just like it that had a tag in it from the store and thats what it said! (o:

  2. I have always known them as Asparagus ferns. Even the florist in our little town called them that.

  3. According to Wikipedia, it’s Asparagus Densiflorus, a.k.a the asparagus fern. Not a true fern — from the genus Asparagus, it is actually more closely related to, yes, the vegetable.Also, according to Wikipedia, don’t eat it.(Wow, I need to back to college. Research is so much fun!)

  4. Thanks, Ethan!  I did finally google it, and found some of this — I think the thing that Dave was thinking about was that it wasn’t a TRUE fern.  And that bothered his orderly soul.  And I understood, truly I did, but I wanted to know what it really was!  Then Karen B. told me that they bloom because of certain conditions.  If they experience a season of dryness and suddenly get adequate water, they will put out these tiny little blooms.  And that is exactly what happened to mine, except I can’t figure out why just one section bloomed.  Maybe more will as time goes on.  Thanks again!

  5. I am kind of like that. I tend to bloom after a dry spell. =)Old Hat

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