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The sun room is coming right along, thanks to the vision and energy and incredible abilities of Certain Man.  Eldest Son procured a job this week (Yippee, yippee, yay, yay, yay!) but it meant that the work on the sun room was greatly slowed down.  So, this week, Certain Man has been busy with whatever he can possibly get done with a little help here and there — some of Eldest Son’s, some of mine, some of Beloved Son in Law, but mostly, Middle Daughter, affectionately known as Beeba.  This is what things look like today with all their great efforts:


Certain Man was working inside to tighten down these posts so that the electrician can get in at the beginning of next week.  He is also trying to get someone in to do the siding.



And Beeba was on the roof, where we plan to have a deck someday, leveling and announcing her findings to her daddy inside so that everything would be straight.


She is a very good carpenter’s helper!!!  A couple of years on an MDS crew has been invaluable to her.  She also helped in construction on a missions trip to Papua, New Guinea.  Her Daddy is very satisfied, even pleased with her abilities, strength and stamina.  Yay, Beeba!!! 


Wait, Deborah, be careful.  Don’t fall!



This is the corner towards the road.  I am so happy with how it is turning out.



This is the the inside of the previous picture.  It is the door going out towards the road, with its two side windows.



This is the wall that goes out towards the side yard towards Milford and the tree farm.
Through the windows you can see the three blue spruces that Daniel planted for us early this year.
Our friends, JR and Linda Campbell
had given us some money as a gift,
which we used to buy the three little trees.
I am so tickled that we will be able to see them so clearly through these windows.
I keep thinking about putting a bird feeder in there, and watching the Cardinals and Jays and Juncoes while the snow flies. (What little we get!)



This is where we plan to put the sliding glass door that is currently in our dining room.  This is the side that goes out towards the chicken house.  We plan to leave the space between the dining room and the sun room open.


And while I was outside taking pictures, I went out towards the road, and look what I found there–


Someone had taken our mailbox out.  I was out there right when the mail lady was coming, so I got the mail straight from her hand, and then Certain Man went out and fixed that mailbox just as good as new.  Then he came in and had to work on a sermon.  He is preaching for Josh tomorrow since there was a funeral in (Josh’s fiancé) Lawina’s family and  he wanted to go down to Virginia.

So here I am, with laundry to do, kitchen to clean, chicken salad to make and I’m here reporting on my Sun Room.  Ach, Vell.  It was time for a break anyhow.  But now I need to go and do those other things.  My Sweet Mama was here, pronounced that it looked like I “Needed Help!!!” and I think she is coming back, so I must get some things done so she can go home without feeling guilty for — whatever.  Something.  (I’m sure she will feel guilty over something.)  That is how it is with Mama’s and I have the best.   

Take care, everyone, and please take the Lord’s Day as an opportunity to meet with fellow believers in your church family. 




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  1. coming right along!  so happy for you!  the views are awesome.  I was just scheming with Craig this morning on how I could get somethings done in the house.  Maybe we need beeba.

  2. Mary Ann, this addition looks great! I bet when it’s all said and done you will wonder how in the world you ever got along without the space! I love all the windows you are putting in the room. I’ll stop in here soon to see it with my own eyes. Queena and Ethan enjoyed their visit with you this past week. Thanks for your kindness! I’m anxious to post about my time in Mississippi but that will have to wait for another day. Love you, Polly

  3. I love it! It looks like a lot of space is being added.  It looks so airy and light.  I guess that is what a sun room is supposed to look like.  I need your family to come to AZ.  Maybe they could get my bathroom done!  I am still waiting to see it finished. LOL

  4. Mary Ann, it is looking so nice. 

  5. I am glad Katie and I got to see your house before this lovely addition was started. But it was not the house we came to see. It was you and Daniel we wanted to meet. If God ever allows to come again it won’t be your beautiful sun room we will come to see, it will be you and Daniel. Thanks again for being such gracious hosts to people you did not even know.

  6. I enjoyed your pausing to write so we could see what you were doing.

  7. that will be a very nice addition to your home!!!! 

  8. You are indeed a blessed woman. That room is going to be your favorite one in the house. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I’m looking forward to see how it progresses.

  9. Your new room is going to be so very nice and I agree with Polly, you’ll get much use from it. How nice that Beeba is such a worthy helper. As time passes I will picture you in a comfy chair looking out on bird feeders & beautiful trees enjoying your lovely sun room.

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