I am constantly having requests for my hot chocolate mix recipe.  So I decided to post it on Xanga for all the people who might have asked in the past and will want it in the future.  Between my family, guests, and various church functions, it is not unusual for me to make five or six batches in one winter.  Hope you enjoy!

The Yutzy Family’s 5 ingredient Hot Chocolate Mix

1 box (22 quart size) Powdered Milk (I prefer Carnation brand)
1 – 12 oz. can of Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Mix (silver can, blue label)
1 – 30 oz. canister chocolate Nesquik
1 – 22 oz. jar of regular flavor powdered coffee creamer (I like to use the store brand)
2 pounds Domino powdered sugar
Mix all together thoroughly, and store in a large container (It fills a 9 quart Tupperware container)

Fill cup 1/3 t0 1/2 full of mix.  Add Hot/boiling water to top.
Stir and enjoy!


edit:   One more thing.  If you use the chocolate mixes as stipulated, your hot chocolate mix will be 99% caffeine free. 



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  1. Sounds yummy.  I don’t need it right now, but will print it for a future reference.  🙂

  2. almost identical to the recipe I use but mine does not have the two kinds of chocolate!  I just may have to try that !!! it is after all that time of year.

  3. Thanks for the recipe.  It sounds delicious.

  4. Is this recipe original?  It sound so rich and creamy.  Must try it.

  5. was so excited to see your recipe for hot chocolate!!!  I agree about the wedding thing. We just can not thank the Lord enough for smiling down on that weddding day. I truely believe it was a miracle with what the weather had been looking like all week. And yes, so great Inez could be there!!  AND YES, we need to keep praying for good married life for everybody!! Its tough sometimes but also think thats what keeps couples going is all the prayers that are lifted up, one thing to have a fairy tale wedding day , another thing to have a fairy tale marriage 🙂 just had a talk with somebody that reminded us we are to go to the Lord Bodly!!! Good reminder!  hope your family is doing wel!!!

  6. that should say boldly 🙂

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