Sunday night get-together

Sunday night at Grandma's 001

It is wonderful to have Uncle Vernon and Aunt Freda just across the lawn.  They stopped in for a while and we enjoyed having them with us.

Sunday night at Grandma's 011

Christina came late with Charis — she had been watching the Steelers game with her daddy, and it seemed there was no reason to change her clothes to come to GreatGrandma’s house.  Even though she was venturing into what could be called some “enemy territory”

Sunday night at Grandma's 009

The three “D’s” —  Daniel, Debs and David
(I’ve been trying really hard to think of a poem that includes lots of “d” words, like dallying delightfully despite dreadful danger — but didn’t do it.  It was definitely direly difficult to do a descriptive “d” dialog despite diligent dredging.)

Sunday night at Grandma's 007

David and his mama, my little sister, Alma.
She must have gotten something to eat and already gotten it down.
When this gal gets hungry, she really gets hungry!!!
We’ve learned to either stay out of her way or else make prompt provision for her when she is on a mission to get something to eat!

Sunday night at Grandma's 004
  And she always stays as slender as a school girl — she works hard and has a great metabolism. 
(But just between you and me, some things just really aren’t fair!!!)

Debs and I looked rather coordinated on Sunday evening,
But it was totally by accident.

Sunday night at Grandma's 014
(I’m not sure what this is all about,
but I need to work on looking more cheerful!!!)

I was sitting on the wrong side of the table to get pictures of Sarah, Bert and their family.  I don’t know why I didn’t get Christina to take more pictures when she was on that side — which reminds me that I didn’t get any of her, either.  None of my wonderful brothers made it to this particular gathering, but all of us girls were there — each of us with our husband and each with at least two of our offspringin’s.  I just didn’t get pictures of everyone.

A night with Charis wouldn’t be quite right
 without some attention from Grandpa–

Sunday night at Grandma's 019

 and that is pretty much fun, any way you cut it. 

Sunday night at Grandma's 023

I am so thankful for this little girlie.
She truly lights up our lives!



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  1. I like that pic of you and Deb.  Aren’t the grandkids lucky to have grandpas!!!

  2. I love Charis’ big yellow bow.

  3. Great family gathering. Your grandbaby is getting cuter and cuter!  It is hard not to be jealous of that skinny sister.  Use three girls all gain weight equally, so we don’t have to fight that green monster in our family.

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