Two Babies at Great Grandma’s House
And a baby dress for Ren Faire:


We went to Sweet Mama’s house for the usual Wednesday Outing.
Dorie came for a visit, and Charis and she had a good time playing.


Sweet Mama keeps M&M’s in a bowl, and they are always a hit.
One of Dorie’s first words was “Em-em!”


Charis hasn’t sampled them yet, but it won’t be long, I’m sure.
She is sitting alone now and does a pretty good job of it.
(She does get “tumbly” and has had some bumps,
but she is still doing really well for 5 months.)


Getting ready for the Ren faire. 

Beloved Son in Law and Eldest Daughter make a yearly trek to some Ren Faire.  Tomorrow afternoon, they and Middle Daughter are going just for the afternoon.  It is the first time in many a year that Youngest Daughter isn’t along.

Here are the four of them, two years ago.

And here is one of my Favoritest pictures of Youngest Daughter,
taken at the Ren Faire two years ago.

AAA-- RF 10


Back to this year’s plans  . . .


Auntie Beebs made a dress from a pattern that she and Charis’s Mommy bought. 
The dress is too big, but maybe it will fit our little munchkin another year!
(Besides, who gonna’ notice on a “lap baby’?


Here’s the finished product. 

Deborah also made four bibs to go with the outfit. 

Charis is in that “slobber, slobber, chew, chew, chew” stage right now.
Bibs are an integral part of any outfit.


The bibs are wonderful. 
If you compare the two pictures carefully,
you will see that the other picture of Charis
(in her Ren Faire dress) does not have the bib on it. 
This one does. 
Deborah slaved over those bibs almost longer than she did over the entire dress,
but was delighted when they finally came together. 
All of us are impressed with how everything turned out. 




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  1. Sweet dress and what a nice idea for matching bibs! They look lovely. Aren’t babies a delight! Such fun!

  2. Mary dear I loved your post. Sorry about not making it to the party last evening but I do have a book in my hands and would like to place an order before you close out the party. What a great sewer you have with your Deborah girl. What a super cool idea to make a bib that matches the dress front. I’m really really impressed. Tell her so! Love you, Polly Wolly

  3. Awww Charis is getting so big and the dress is awesome, way to go Deb and the bibs are nice too!

  4. My internet has been down so I have not kept up with your posts until today.  What a bittersweet experience watching the last one go on her way.  Yes, you are fortunate that she has direction and purpose in life.  What great Mom and daughter the two will make in their special dresses.  Deb did such a fine thing making bibs to match.  Charis is certainly adorable!

  5. Love the Ren Faire dress–and how smart you are to plan to use it next year, too  (That’s the advantage of being able to make it yourself!!)   Happy Ren Faire!!

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