Autumn Days

I decided that it would not be good for me to just brood today. 
So I got busy and made some pie crusts:

Pumpkin pies 001


I have gotten alot of butternut squash out of Certain Man’s garden, and some of them were starting to look a little worse for wear.  So I brought in three of them and baked them:

Pumpkin pies 003

I scrub them really well, cut them in half, then put them cut side down on a buttered baking sheet.  I bake them at about 325 for maybe an hour or an hour and a half until they are done.  I let them cool just a little, and then scoop out the soft insides, and run them through my little food mill.  If the pulp appears to be really juicy, I put it into a strainer and let some of the juice run off.  I have a recipe for pumpkin pie from my Sweet Mama that I always make with butternut squash, and the recipe makes two pies.

Pumpkin pies 005

I have been decorating for Autumn, and burning nice smelling candles, but when pumpkin pies are baking, there is no use for candles that smell good.

Pumpkin pies 004

I am anxious for lunch tomorrow. 
My Sweet Mama is home from Pennsylvania
after being gone almost three weeks. 
Lem and Jessica are in Delaware for a wedding
and the table will be full.
Thank God for families and friends. 

But I have a Rachel shaped hole in my heart that isn’t much helped by pumpkin pie.
Or sweet smelling candles or busy hands.
Ah, my Rachel Janie, it is very empty without you!



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6 responses to “

  1. You did a beautiful job crimping those pie crusts, Mary Ann!

  2. Yum, it looks mighty tasty at your home!

  3. Your pies look beautiful.  Bet they taste wonderful, too.  I like butternut squash pie better than pumpkin or sweet potato.

  4. Time for more foster children to fill that Rachel-shaped hole??!!

  5. I like celebrating the fall. The house smells of baked goods and the family seems to cover the miles when they hear how the freezer is taking the fresh goodies 🙂 When my family gathers and the kids come in hugging is the only time my heart aches fade. Everything has its place and time, and love conquers all. ~ Bec

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