The house is very quiet.  Daniel left around 5:30am to take Rachel to meet her ride to Rosedale Bible College.  As I noted in my last post, our youngest birdie is leaving the nest.  Last night the family was all here for a couple of hours to just be together and it was LOUD and sweet and good.  My family is not known for their silence.  I am at a place in my life where my heart is more quiet than it has ever been, but I enjoy hearing the noise of our family as we go about living. 



Last night 004

One of our evening activities was to draw names for Christmas.  Here, Rachel discovers that she has Jesse.


Last night 003

Beebs was in charge of the name drawing.  She found Charis’s hat quite convenient.


Last night 006

Charis — all dressed up to go to Grammy’s house and play with the Aunties and Uncles.


Last night 002

Uncle Raph gets his hair pulled by Charis.



It was a very special evening.  Before we went our seperate ways for the night, our family prayed for Rachel.  All the guys had a blessing for her, (as well as Lem’s wife, Jessica) and it was precious to this Mama’s heart.  I listened to Jesse, Raph, Lem, Jessica and her Daddy pray for her and thought about how each of their words reflected the unique relationship they have with her.  She has been and is a blessing to our family in so many ways, and it is hard to think that this is the day we mark the beginning of her making life on her own.  I remember that when Lem left for college, I had a strong sense that he would never really be home to stay again.  And he wasn’t.  But are they ever?  Not really.


Daniel and I were married young, but we stretched having children over so many years and I keep telling myself that to have the last child off to college when I am 55 speaks of having our nest full for a very long time.  In fact, we began our parenting adventure when we took our first foster baby in December of 1975 and there has not been any time since then that we haven’t had “dependents” in our home.  You would think that after almost 34 years of parenting I would be good and ready for this day.  I’m NOT.


But time has a way of keeping its relentless march.  And even as the tears keep coming and coming, I think of how it would be to have young people with no dreams.  No sense of adventure.  No passion for life.  That would be alot harder on me than this is.  I would hate it!


And so, our girlie goes off — with her strength and dreams and foibles and follies and the things that really do make her Rachel Jane Yutzy.  And I will miss her every single day.  But I am so proud of her.  And I am thankful for the opportunities afforded her.  And I pray that all the blessings prayed for her last night will come to her, but even more, I pray that she will have a heart that seeks to know God and is faithful to His call upon her life.  As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing more important.  Lord Jesus, may it be so!


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  1. It isn’t easy… but to have it otherwise would be harder…Our daughters…they have a way of plucking those heart strings. And sometimes they go ‘twang’………..

  2. love the way you think thru things and always find a positive!

  3. Little girl “birdies” are always glad to come back to the nest and find their old bedroom waiting for their arrival!!!

  4. I used to think the “empty nest” was an impossible dream, now it’s here and i actually enjoy it very much. It’s peaceful and nice and i love when the “noise” comes back and leaves again after awhile. =))))

  5. As of last evening, she was doing well! We were dropping off one of our own “Birdies”. It is indeed such a poignant time. No, we wouldn’t want things to be different, but it is very hard to see them go!

  6. I feel the same way you do Mary Ann! I’m 58 and still have a couple birdies yet to fly. Some go for a while and then come back and then fly again. It’s always a tug! And how I love the family times when they all come home too.

  7. Loud, sweet and good………..”poignant” is the exact word isn’t it? That sweet little grand baby is certainly growing and thriving isn’t she?btw: I am hoping the area where the brown spots were will heal quickly.It is not painful in the least now. Hopefully no scarring  : o

  8. wow I loved your post…. in my heart I know that time is coming for me. Life is so full and interesting for us now w/ 5 adults in the house. Blessings as you adjust….

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