Something new at Shady Acres

Building the sun room 005

It all started with a leak in the ceiling of our family room

Building the sun room 006

That was getting steadily worse.

It was right where the upstairs addition joined the roof, and Certain Man has been pondering and pondering what he wanted to do.

Building the sun room 010

You see, he had this plan to add a sun room to the house where part of the deck is.  I love the deck.  I love the birds and the trees and the outdoors that is right at my sliding glass door.  But I also saw the wisdom of a sun room, too.  Certain Man felt like if he was going to “tear into that roof” he might just as well go ahead with the sun room.  He kept thinking about my surgery coming up and the holidays and the grandbabies that we are hoping might start coming in droves (dream on!  — but we have made a start!)

And then Oldest Son had a need for work.  And Certain Man does love to give work to his children when there is work to be done.

So over the last couple of days, there has been lots of activity going on at Shady Acres.


First, consult was made with Certain Man’s nephew, shown here with his good wife, Stephanie and their two little boys, Carson and Nevin, who actually kinda feel like our grandsons.  (Though we needed them a whole lot more than they needed us.  I think there are probably no less than five couples who feel like they are grandparents to Carson and Nevin — but that’s another story.)  Certain Man only has two nephews who carry the Yutzy name, and Weston is one of them.  He, very conveniently is extremely adept at making prints, estimates and anything contruction-ish, and he procured a permit, advised Certain Man and Eldest Son, and has helped in many wonderful ways.

Building the sun room 001

There is much conferring on the cell phone with Certain Man

Building the sun room 003

Digging, measuring, tearing off the old deck and getting on with the business of building.

The Rowan Brothers are helping Eldest Son and they are making wonderful progress.

Tonight, my flower boxes are lined up along one of the remaining deck rails like this:

Building the sun room 011

The other side looks like this:

Building the sun room 012

I can’t tell you how heavy my heart is for my beautiful deck.  I have spent so many happy times there, and it has seen alot of living in these last (almost) 20 years.  But once again, for the joy set before me, I need to not regret or bewail what is changing, and embrace the new.  I think the new room will be a wonderful place and that it can be a blessing to our family as well as our friends.  (But the “old stick in the mud” part of me is uneasy!!!)

And there is another reason for me to be teary tonight.  Early tomorrow morning, my Littlest Birdie takes her hop out of the nest to college.  I know, I know!!!  She’s done lots of hopping about already, but this feels so final.  What will I do without her?  I do rely on her alot for running errands and such, but that isn’t what tears at my heart most.  I am so comforted by the person she is — her youth, her enthusiasm, her energy, her compassionate, servant’s heart — ah, my Rachel-girl.  How very, very much your Daddy and I will miss you.




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3 responses to “Something new at Shady Acres

  1. we’ll be watching!  hugs to you as you feel the empty spot of your youngest…

  2. I think on this day I could come over and “weep with them that weep”.  The older I get the harder it is to make changes, even if there are improvements to be had with the change!!

  3. The sunroom will be so nice, so very nice!I offer a prayer for Rachel that The Lord bless and keep her in His care.

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