The flower beds were put to sleep tonight.  Certain Man had off from work today and he helped me dump the hanging baskets and clean out the beds.  He trimmed back the vinca vine that is threatening to take over, and trimmed roses until it was too dark to see any more.  On my kitchen cupboard are some branches of brilliant roses that he couldn’t bear to just throw away.

“Gotta’ save some of these,” he said, as he brought them over to me while he was trimming.  “They look really pretty!”

“They certainly do,” I say, squinting against the headlights of the tractor which hardly does them justice.  “We do need to save some!”  I think about them brightening the kitchen in the days ahead and it brings a squiggle of joy to my heart.

For some reason, the air invigorated and energized me.  I enjoyed his sweet company and helping hands while I pulled weeds, worked on clearing the peonies, and pulled out the begonias that were wilted.  It was comfortably companionable, and the team that is “us” moved alot of work this afternoon.  He is trying to get the stuff cleaned up around the new sun room, and it is so gratifying to see things take order under his capable and strong hands. 

In front of the house, beneath the picture window, the flowers were still colorful, but I didn’t know if there would be a time when I would feel this good again for a long time, so I cleared the bed and put the flowers into the bucket of the tractor that Certain Man had pulled up for me.  I remember that Vicente planted them for me this past spring, and all summer long their brave blooms reminded me of a golden day he spent helping me before things went so awry with this young friend and his life and his future.  Ah, Vicente.  Do you read these posts?  Do you know how often I think of you and pray for you? 

The leaves lie in a thick blanket on the lawn, and I love dragging my feet as I walk through them, listening to them crunch under foot, thinking of the days when I was a child.  The colors are incredible, and I tried to remember if I had actually seen them at their peak.  The reds are brilliant and varigated, and mostly fallen.  Many of the yellows still cling to their branches.  We’ve been away, and there’s been so much rain that it is no wonder that I don’t really remember seeing them at their best.  I have seen some wonderful leaves this year, just not in my own yard.

The Winter is coming.  I love the times of being together and the fire in the pellet stove and candles burning and soup cooking.  I love the gathering in of friends and the times of praying together and sharing together. We’ve started Christmas music and there is a puzzle on the dining room table.  It is a severe master.  3000 pieces, and baffling and fascinating and — well– puzzling!!!  Come on down and help if you get an inclination.  I’ll make you some hot chocolate and put some whipped cream on top and we can talk while you work on the puzzle — and I’ll put this old knee up for a spell.  I plan to baby it along here for a while.  I only have two more weeks to coddle it.

Oh, yes.  One more thing.  Today at the surgeon’s office, I scheduled the second replacement.  My doctor is over three months out in scheduling, and I was afraid if I waited until after the first knee was better, I wouldn’t do it.  Especially if I had to wait.  So I asked about scheduling the second one now, and the first date he has available is March 11.  I can change it if I want to, but I can’t make it sooner.

The next six months look really exciting!!!



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  1. I guess you are weary, but happy tonight.  Keep us updated on your surgery.

  2. You really did good cleaning up your flower beds.  I look at mine wistfully, knowing I should get to them, but don’t.  I’m in my ‘one thing at a time’ stage … which often happens this time of year.  Have a funeral to attend tomorrow, help with fall cleaning at church on Wednesday, a doctor appointment on Thursday, and the rest of the week to bake my pies and get ready for our annual community Thanksgiving meal on Sunday evening.  I may even get around to blogging one of these days.

  3. Hugs my friend……feels so good to get things cleaned up  for the winter.  I don’t really like the season that much, but it does provide many family/friend times.  I hope the next 6 mths is surprisingly wonderful!

  4. what a beautiful picture you painted with Words you always have a way with word in your blog ,what a delight to read!

  5. I’m glad you’re staying off your knee and coddling it!  God Bless You and give you patience.

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