Tonight I am so thankful for our Middle Daughter — Deborah — or Beeba — or just plain Beebs.  It’s her birthday today, and she has been helping get ready for the packing of Thanksgiving Boxes at church tonight.  I am sure there are ways that she would have rather spent this evening, but she has been a really good sport.

Beebs 2
This is Rachel and Beeba at the Manchester United Game that they attended while on their European trip this summer.

I don’t know what I would do these days without her.  She runs errands for me, keeps me from having to go too many steps, just does things over and over again that I can hardly manage to do any more.  She has so many dreams, so many talents, so many plans — and often I listen to her talk and enjoy so many ideas and experiences vicariously.  She has gone places I will never go.  She has opportunities that are forever out of my sphere.  She has always been far smarter than her mama and daddy, and yet she puts up with us, choosing to live at home when it would be far more interesting somewhere else.

So my Thankful Blog for this day is for Deborah.  I am so very thankful for you, girlie.  I am so glad God sent you to our house!  You’ve been an incredible blessing to our family.  Just so you know– We love you!


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  1. Very sweet tribute to your daughter!

  2. Nice to see your Christmas profile picture also.

  3. Happy Birthday to her… I don’t think she checks her xanga, does she?

  4. It was soooo good to see these daughters of yours at RBC the other weekend. They are truly good folk, raised well. On another note, May you be blessed in many way in the interventions planned for your knees.We are trying to figure out a trip to the east coast next summer– we really must get down the Peninsula again! mw

  5. You are a great person Deb and a wonderful nurse…I am glad to call you my friend

  6. Deb–A better gift could not be given.–Daughters like you don’t happen every day.–HAPPY BIRTHDAY –Where ever you areI’m sure you know I’m speaking of the complement from your mom-a

  7. I will be thinking of you on Monday, the same day I will have my (brain) pacemaker put in. I hope you will have relief from your pain. God bless Deb for being your nurse right now.

  8. You have a wonderful treasure of a daughter.  I enjoyed reading this post.

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