Hi! This is Pieces of Rainbows (BEG’s daughter) and I’m just posting to let you know that Mom’s surgery went well, and the doctor is pleased with the result. She is in good spirits, but sounds pretty tired right now.

Thanks for all your prayers, and please keep on praying!!!



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  1. Praise the Lord for such good news!   Thanks for posting and letting us know.

  2. I’m so glad that part is over…what a relief.  I prayed for her today and I will continue to do so.  Thank you for updating her xanga friends!!!

  3. So glad to hear things went well!  Praying that she continues to improve with a speedy recovery~

  4. Thanks for the update.  I thought about her – and your family so many times yesterday.

  5. What do you suppose will happen with all the spare-parts when Jesus comes–Think they will fall out –Cause the New=Body sure will not need them. So glad you are on   This-Side of This-One..PrayingNow You Can Have The Joy Of Being Searched When-Ever You Fly.

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