I’m home!!! Did ever home look so good???  Middle Daughter decorated for Christmas while I was gone, so it is full of light and warmth and so homey.

I am so blessed!  Surgery went extremely well.  I am full weight bearing on my operated knee, and though the pain can be (IS!!!) vicious at times, I am not overwhelmed by it. 

Ah, dear friends.  It is over!  Everything went so much better than I anticipated, and the therapists have been effusive in their encouragement and praise.  I am one grateful gal tonight, blessed beyond what I deserve, for sure, but delighted beyond words with my “new” knee.

Thank you for calling, visiting, and encouraging, for holding up my family and lending helping hands.  Thanks to each and every single one of you who breathed a prayer for me and my surgeon and my loved ones over the last few days.  I am convinced that the prayers are what have made all the difference.

I can tell, just from these few short minutes on this computer, that I won’t be spending lots of time here, but I do hope to keep you all updated.

Thanks again, everyone.  Bless HIS HOLY NAME!!!



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  1. Praise and thank the Lord!  I am so pleased you made this post and informed us of your return home, you’ve been in my thoughts.Welcome home!

  2. Glad you’re home and doing well! Enjoy the Christmas season!

  3. Oh I’m so thankful to read this post.  You’ve been on my mind so much this week!  I’m so grateful for answered prayer on your behalf.  Much love!!!

  4. I’m glad you’re home and doing well.

  5. PTL!  Im sure that’s a big relief to have that behind you!

  6. Welcome home *hugs*glad to hear you are recovering nicely …

  7. You have been in my thoughts and prayers much this week. Glad to hear you are home and doing so well. Blessings to you as you recover. šŸ™‚

  8. That’s WONDERFUL, Mary Ann! Next thing we’ll all want new knees!

  9. Just delighted for you and grateful to HIM

  10. Glad to hear. Wish I had a nice daughter to decorate šŸ™‚ you are so blessed.

  11. It is so good to have good news, and answered prayers.  May your recovery time go well for you!

  12. I PTL with you. I am so glad things went well for you.

  13. Prayers and Blessings..Hope things are still going well for you!! One down and one to go…

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