Certain Man’s Christmas Village is going up!


The boxes have to come out.  Middle Daughter carried and carried and carried —


. . . as did Certain Man!



He measures and figures and cuts and calculates.  Yesterday I was watching him when he didn’t know I was looking, and I saw him smiling to himself.  After the many burdens of this last year, I am so glad that he has a chance to work at something that he really loves.


The train wouldn’t run right, (***make that “at all”!) so Friend Gary, the faithful train mechanic, came down to check things out, fix the train and stayed to help a while.


The two of them are a team.  I am grateful for the brother that Gary has been to Daniel.


And even though they are not done yet, the village is taking shape.


I’m doing really, really well.  (But I am sure enough glad that the setting up of the village is Certain Man’s Department.)  I am spending lots of time on my chair, lots of time doing rehab therapy, lots of time just chillin’ and thinkin’ and reading.

Oh, I did go Christmas shopping at Kohl’s yesterday — but it was through the internet, from my chair.  Great buys, great discounts, free shipping.  I was so delighted with being able to do that. 

I am considering calling to see if they will take out my stitches sooner than Friday.  They want to pull out when I bend my knee too far, and it hurts really, really much.   I feel like they are hindering Rehab.  We shall see. 

Maybe my own Poissonal Noisse will help me?
  What do you think, Beebs?



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  1. The village is shaping up. What fun for CM and everyone ! What a delightful room for this!Glad you are doing well!

  2. I have got to bring my kids to see it this year!  Glad you are feeling better and healing nicely.  Internet shopping is the way to go.  Love it!!

  3. I hope you keep posting pictures of the village and maybe explain to us how he does it and where he’s gathered all of his things?  I would love to show my children!What a blessing the internet is!  I’m so glad you were able to get some nice shopping done.Blessings and love~

  4. Is your new room all finished? I love the tracking lights! I’m hurting just thinking about you bending that knee.

  5. So glad that first surgery is behind you and all is going well!  I need to stop and see that village too.  I drove by your house in the rain the other night and was tempted to stop, the lights looked so homey and inviting, but alas, appointments called and I had to flee on through the night.  But one day, I shall stop!

  6. High five to your hubby.  Lookin great!  You are soundin great! GREAT!!!

  7. I’ve been looking forward to the Christmas village! More and more I do my Christmas shopping via internet. I do NOT like being in the big city shopping in December. I’ve been thinking about you and your knee surgery. Trusting all is going well and that you’ll have a pain-free recovery!

  8. Speaking of stiches–I remember when I had one of my hips done that Inez took out the almost 40 stiches when we were down in Florida.–I think that we were both Surprised that she could do it.–I remember that–She did a good job

  9. v from n, Idaho

    PTL that all is going well as you recover from this surgery.  v. from Id.

  10. v from n. Idaho

    P.S.  I, too, was happy to see the Christmas village taking shape.  I remember it from last year and I am looking forward to seeing it completed.   v.

  11. I had wanted to come visit last night, but the MMA conference call took a long time. I hope you are coming right along.

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