The Village is UP!!! 
And I am so proud of Certain Man, Middle Daughter, Friend Gary,
 and all the people who have lent a helping hand!


The final thing is to set the sign.
Here it is, smack in the middle of everything.

Because he has more room, the downtown district is not quite so crowded.

He was able to run his train on a different route, and even bought a few more lengths of track to be able to make the corners properly.





Here is the corner, in the new sun room, towards the chicken house lane and the road.
  The village takes up the two eastern walls.
  Come and see us!
We would love to have visitors!
I got my stitches out today, and even though they say I am doing well above average, I am still not cutting any fancy steps. 

Certain Man had a troublesome cyst removed from his back yesterday, so he isn’t exactly up to his usual shenanigans, either.
So we would both welcome visitors.

This is for chambray7


My cheery train is back in its place, and everytime I look at it, I think of you, and remember how God used a random act of kindness to bless me,encourage me and fill my heart with joy.  Thanks!!!

And I decided to put this one on yet —


Our precious grandbaby found out that she like Grammy’s Vanilla Activia Yogurt.
Here we are tonight, sharing a container.  She didn’t want me to take a single bite.
She really did get most of it.  And that’s okay. 
This is the chair where I sit and try to take care of my knee.
Here, I read books to Charis, sing silly songs to her, play with her, tell her stories —
and share yogurt. 
She will sometimes snuggle into my shoulder and go to sleep.
I watch her sleeping face and thank God for all His blessings to me.
 How much better could it get???



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  1. Oh, if I wasn’t 10 hours away, I’d love to bring you a pot of soup and some Christmas goodies and see the village and chat for a few minutes!

  2. Are you home tomorrow if we come to see you and the village? 

  3. The village looks sooooooooooo nice.  The room looks classy!!!  And you……..enjoying life!

  4. Well now that village is a “caution and a wonder!”  Art says we must bring his mother out to see it this year.  We meant to last year and never got it accomplished.  I can’t wait to see it in person!  So glad you got your stitches out.  Hope PT is less painful now!

  5. awww…thanks!  funny, I was just thinking about the little train the other day…..=)  And your village is sooo pretty!  I wish I could bring my family to see it, they would be delighted!  And the picture of you with your little granddaughter is just precious!  I guess every cloud has a silver lining, and spending some extra time with the munchkins while “down” surely is a silver lining….=)Blessings to you, and glad to hear you’re coming along well!~chambray7

  6. Every year I think that next year we WILL go to Delaware to see that village and its fine owners. And now I live even further away and Dick’s work schedule is far more unpredictable. So…. thanks for the lovely pictures. Especially that last one!

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