NYAH-NEE, NYAH-NEE,  BOO-BOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


If you aren’t jealous, you ought to be!!!  Or, well, let’s just say, I would be “jealous” if someone else was getting this company! 

Cerwin and Doris High (www.xanga.com/cerwindoris) plan to drive down after church tomorrow to visit, see the village and even take some pictures!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!  Tickled pink!  

It is such a blessing to have friends, and you have all been so terrific during this “out of commission time”. Each has added dimension and flavor and fellowship and faith to my life.  I’d be so miserable without my friends. 

If any of you get a hankering to see Cerwin and Doris  and would like to come by tomorrow afternoon, you are welcome to call us and drop in while they are here.  Just remember the “call” part, please — (or message me here.  That will work, too.)



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  1. I’d love to visit with them again & also get to met you & certain man! Tell them Hi from WI!! I had dinner with them at a truck stop out here when they were passing through & my husband wasn’t home. He’s a truck driver. I know you will be blessed! Lavina

  2. I’d love to come by and see the Christmas Village again. Do you think it could take a second visit from the Gray boys? LOL

  3. What a wonderful day you must be having!! Making memories to be brought out again and again!

  4. Mary I’m so sorry to have missed your special company. It had been a while since I was on Xanga and missed seeing that they were coming. Talked to mom on the phone this morning and she said how she was looking forward to coming out there. I’m hoping to see some pictures of your time together.

  5. What a lovely time! I am smiling.

  6. This made me smile! Hope that you had a wonderful time with your company!I was at a birthday party on Saturday evening…with someone who knows Cerwin and Doris too. I don’t know them at all, but I see her around here on xanga! So, it is a funny small world that we live in, and it is fun to make connections!Blessings!

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