For a wonderful close up view of Daniel’s village go here:

She found details I’ve missed, and it was so much fun to look at it through the lens of her wonderful camera.

And we had a wonderful time together on Sunday.  She documented that, too, in a post that is dated Sunday night.

I’ve been blessed again with so many happy moments.  What a joyful season this is!



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  1. my daugher and her husband  started a village the year they were married.  she snoops on xanga thru my site and of course happens on your site.  she is simply amazed!!! 

  2. v from north Idaho

    Oh, Buckeyegirlie.  You must go to Loghome Up North’s site http://thecoldspotfamily.  Their youth group “inherited” many houses (like 1oo’s), from an estate, many never opened and they are selling them as a fund raiser.  I thought of you and your dh as soon as I read the newest post.  What do you think?  I so enjoyed Doris’s post with all the pictures from Daniel’s village.  I knew it was large but I had no idea his collection was that complex and extensive.  Blessings from snowy north Idaho…v.

  3. @v from north Idaho – Could you give me a more complete address, V ?  — And I really need to get your e-mail address, too.  When I click on that, it doesn’t go anywhere. and the explorer tell me they need a more complete name.  I really would like to see it!  Thanks!

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