Praise the LORD!!!

Martha’s sister, Bonnie Yoder Montgomery, just posted this on her Facebook account:

Martha is OK! PTL!! Just found out the whole team is ok and they are working to stabalize the walls of the church there, which means they must be in good health. Thanks for all your prayers . . .

There are still many to pray for!  Thank God for the Good News, and there has been lots of that.  There is so much desperation and desolation and hopelessness in Haiti, even without something like this.  Let’s continue to pray for the whole nation  — and allow God to stir our hearts with individual stories.
Thanks so much for praying!


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  1. God has stirred my heart,I wept when I read the morning paper.So,so sad.Praying that people will be drawn to the God,who is Faithful,Powerful,Unchanging,etc.Praying that the Christians in that country will SHINE with His light as they reach out to the suffering & searching people of Haiti!

  2. Glad to hear that everything is ok now. My heart goes out there for the peoples all.

  3. Great to get this bit of good news from such destruction and suffering.

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