Please Pray:

Years ago, a young woman from Plain City, Ohio, Betty Helmuth, came to Greenwood to teach school.  Some years later, her sister, Martha, also taught school here.  Betty’s husband Steve Kaetterhenry, and Martha and her husband, Terry Major were all three in Haiti at the time of the quake on a missions trip.  The guys, Steve and Terry, are both fine.  There has been no word on Martha.

Please pray for Martha and for the rest of the team (people I don’t know) that are still unaccounted for, as well as the millions of other desperate people.



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  1. It is a desperate situation in Haiti, for sure.  I am sending prayers for your friend.  I love your new profile picture, Grandma BEG!

  2. Thanks for your prayers and for posting the prayer request for Carl’s aunt and uncles. News reports out of Terry & Martha’s home area in Kansas last evening stated that the rest of the team had not been accounted for, either. Terrys had been there already for a week, but others had arrived in the early afternoon just before the quake, and it wasn’t known whether they had yet reached their destination of Carrefour, an area right outside of Port-au-Prince which was very heavily damaged.

  3. How very sad for the people on Haiti and the ones who have family there. So sad.Your new profile picture is wonderful.

  4. Hello , Hope your day went ok now.

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