Silly Old Myself today
Want to cry instead of pray.
Middle Daughter packing now
For regions far beyond my know.
A baby lies in desperate straits
While his family prays and waits.
Haitian millions starve and weep–
No shelter there for health or sleep
While war and famine, flood and quake
Their daily tolls of lifeblood take.
And I, who woke to this bright day
With health and strength to light my way,
Still want to cry –but need to pray.



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  1. I am taking time right now to pray for all of these situations.  Extremely cute baby.Love you,Kathy

  2. I understand!  I was having myself a good pity party yesterday, and finally told myself it was time to get over it, I am so sooo blessed!  But you know, isn’t it amazing that God does care about our “problems” no matter how small they are, when in comparision to many other “needs” they might not even make a dot on the page, but He still cares!  Blessings to you today~

  3. I bet it felt loads better after putting your feelings in poem.  U R just gifted. BTW, went 2 visit your inlaws Sunday.  They look happy in the same room.  Babies aren’t for wimps, but getting old ISN’t either!!!  Today I paid a visit to Ada Beachy.  In real good spirits and making progress in PT.  Bet you two could relate in some of the aches and pains.  I forgot the joys there too  😉

  4. yeah I hear ya there, I wanna have a self pity party for what is going on with my familybut I can’t, gotta keep on moving on and it does no good for my children, cause they need their mama…But well spoken poem…Thank you for sharing*hugs*

  5. Sometimes a good cry is just needed.  

  6. I had that today. HUGS God hears and I know he has answers. We worry-worts are good for praying.:)

  7. I certainly appreciate that you share your writing talent on Xanga. This is very good and reallymakes the point. We have much to give thanks for and much to pray about,Love you BEG

  8. Thanks, Mary Ann…How do you do it??? A special piece, it is.

  9. WOW, you are gifted in writing! Hi, I am finally finding some time to sit down at the computer and catch up with all that I missed yesterday. May the Lord bless you real good today. Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality shown to us this past weekend. ~Judith

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