Thought maybe you would be interested in this note that came tonight — Certain Man and I are so glad to finally hear!
Hey Mom, we are here safe and sound. We should have access tomorrow, but not today. (sunday is the problem) DONT WRITE BACK TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!!!! She lives downstairs and is letting us use her account.
We got here on time, no major problems with the airlines. The guy at the airport didnät want to let me keep my bags, but the workers here were able to convince him to let me take them (without a bribe even).
Um, I still have the remains of the cold, so please pray that that goes away asap.
Pray that our team remains cohesive and alert as we start teaching the kids tomorrow at 800.
Also, my two toddlers are reminiscent of Daniel Garthwaites first days of Sunday School, so pray that I can win them over and that they have a wonderful time.
Gotta go, I only get 3-5 min on the computer.
Love you lots and lots. Please let everyone know, since I cant get on facebook.




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  1. Modern technology is wonderful. So nice that you heard from her and that you shared this with us.

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