I stood  at my back door last evening, and took these pictures. 
It was prettier earlier, of course, but the cold actually seems to be more– 
–should I say, REAL in these pictures.


I came down this morning and the house was warm.  I went into the new sun room and turned on the lights to The Village, and looked at the gorgeous sunrise.  We are supposed to get more snow today.  I thought about Certain Man’s provision for me and for our family and was grateful for the man I married and for the many things he does over and over for me and our family without complaining.  I sometimes think about what it would be like to be married to a man who was a growly grumbler, and it would be difficult to live with a guy like that.

So, on this cold, snowy morning in Delaware, where “they” are calling for more snow, and it is all of about 15°, I’m counting my many blessings, heading for a good cup of coffee to drink while I read my morning Bible words, and thanking God for all His goodness towards me.

Oh, and about the “Village Lights” — Yes, The Village is still up!  And plans are to leave it up until Middle Daughter gets home from Chad, Africa, in the middle of February.  She is CEO in charge of storage, so we feel like we can’t do it without her. 

Hurry home, Beeba!  We miss you!



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  1. It is hard to believe you have snow, and our ground is bare. I agree that a good husband is an great blessing.

  2. Your place is beautiful!!  When we were hooking up the trailer on Sunday (A BIG THANK-YOU for that too!)  I got a good view of your back 40 – wow I had no idea all that was back there!  I am impressed!! You must have a hard working man too to have a full-time job plus keep the farm running! You have really made that place stand out!! I wanted to come in and look at the village but you had company and we were on a mission…so maybe some other time! It looks real nice from the road tho! 

  3. Your snowy back yard is beautiful.  You are blessed with your snow – we have cold, but we get rain 😦  But then, God knows what is best, so I am not complaining.  After all the hard work Certain Man does to put that villiage up – I think it deserves to be out year round!  Awesome villiage.

  4. I am so glad you heard from your daughter.  It is tough when they are traveling.  She will be happy to see that the Village was left up for her. 

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