A Grammy Morning

Charis’s Daddy and Mommy had dentist appointments this morning, and when I decided not to go to Mama’s this morning since Our Girl Nettie was home from Center with no transportation, Oldest Daughter brought Charis for an hour or so.  She was so sleepy, but fought sleep with the determination only a small child can muster.  At one time she wriggled her way off my lap and crawled towards the living room with great purpose.  I let her go and then followed to find that she has a new game:




It made me laugh.  And reminded me of her mama.  When Christina was a baby, we could never leave those old round canisters of pop-up wet ones that were so popular back in the late 70’s on the dressing table beside her crib.  If she could reach them, we could expect that the whole thing would be on a pile inside her crib — all piece by piece.  She was fascinated with pulling one out until it would tear off, then pulling the little tiny piece that was poking up through the X shaped opening until it tore off.  It didn’t take too many of those things for us to learn to put it out of reach!!! 

Oh, my.  Good memories, Great new ones being made!


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9 responses to “A Grammy Morning

  1. Wow!  She is getting so big!!

  2. When I was a baby, I emptied an entire box of tissues. My parents came to my room and I was sound asleep, sitting in my crib with my legs sticking out between the bars and a big pile of tissues on the floor next to it. After taking those tissues out of the box one by one, I guess I was tired!

  3. Cute, don’t you love it when they start to ‘explore’ things?  So sweet.

  4. Her eyes look tired, even admist that fun! Funny girl….

  5. Ahhhh, what a great grammy letting her pull the tissues out.  You are catching those memories on the camera which is wonderful.

  6. She is just the cutest little thing, and I am so very delighted for her and you and your family that she has joined your warm, wonderful circle.

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