The sunrise this morning was a brief, red glow in the eastern sky. 

I looked out and remembered the words of Jesus,  in Matthew 16, 2-3 NCV

“At sunset you say we will have good weather, because the sky is red. 3 And in the morning you say that it will be a rainy day, because the sky is dark and red. You see these signs in the sky and know what they mean. In the same way, you see the things that I am doing now, but you don’t know their meaning.”

Listen to this, too, in Luke 21:9-11 NCV

9 When you hear about wars and riots, don’t be afraid, because these things must happen first, but the end will come later.”

 10 Then he said to them, “Nations will fight against other nations, and kingdoms against other kingdoms. 11 In various places there will be great earthquakes, sicknesses, and a lack of food. Fearful events and great signs will come from heaven.  

We live in exciting times, and we ought to be watching for His soon return.  We have the good news that the rest of the world needs in times like these — not just the hope of Heaven, but the guidelines of how we should treat our fellow men; how we should respond to things like disasters and things that are out of our control; what we should do with the things within our control to change.

Brothers and Sisters, live confidently, joyfully and prayerfully.  The world needs the message, and we need each other. 

What we all need most is Jesus.



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  1. Nice post my friend. What have we to fear?

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