Snowy Evening

What is this???


During our last snow, I saw birds taking refuge under this table, though there was not much shelter to be had.  So today I went out there, put some protection up, and shoved the table against the railing and put down some thick cardboard.  Certain Man brought me some feed flats from the chicken house, and I put some sunflower seeds and peanuts under there just about the time the snow started.


It is really snowing, and things are covering up fast, but under the table, it is pretty much free of snow.  There is some moisture coming up through the card board, but the double thickness in the feed flat is keeping the birdseed dry.  I shall have to see what the morning brings.

We are doing okay so far in this snug house.  Certain Man is out running around trying to get some last minute things done, then hopefully he won’t need to go anywhere tomorrow.  He topped off the fuel tank to the farm’s generator and made sure it comes on in the event of a power failure.  I hope that if there are people who need a place to go, they won’t hesitate to come to Shady Acres. 



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  1. so thoughtful for all His creatures

  2. You are helping Mother Nature wi th your   thoughtful prep for the birds.  I hope they find your shelter and you can take some pictures.   Stay snug and safe at Shady Acres, my friend.

  3. Nice picture’s! Hope you have a great week-end now.

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