Certain Man has accomplished his goals again!

He wanted to have the Sun Room trimmed out before my next knee replacement (which is, Lord Willing, tomorrow) and today his friend, John Yoder, (from Dover) came and got it all finished.  It looks wonderful.  I am so happy!

Sun Room 004
The view towards Shawnee Road

Sun Room 002
The view towards the corner and Shawnee Road

Sun Room 005
The view towards our neighbor’s tree farm

Sun Room 001
The view towards the chicken house.

The day is a bit overcast, but this room is cheery and full of light.  It is the day for my friend, Ruby, to clean, and she washed all the windows, scrubbed the floor on her hands and knees and it is ready for some furniture.  Youngest Daughter is supposed to arrive home tonight for a mini spring break, and I am so blessed to have Ruby’s good help today, and to know that Youngest Daughter will be home for a few days.  Middle Daughter is taking another leave of absence from work to help out, and I am getting so anxious to have this done. 

The unreplaced knee has been rather unstable for the last few weeks, and on this last morning before surgery, took it upon itself to go out of joint somehow.  I was standing at the shower, giving Cecelia her morning shower, when something really thumped around in my knee joint, went off center, and then it wouldn’t support my weight.  I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it felt like I needed to call Deborah to finish for me.  I kept extending it, and trying to get it to go back into place, and it only seemed to be getting worse.  I finally stood on one leg while I finished washing Cecilia, and suddenly it seemed to fall back into place somehow, and everything was (semi) fine.  It wasn’t as much painful as it was strange.  It was a good reminder to me that the timing for this second replacement has been under God’s watchful eye and his careful plan. How much better timing could I get than to have this knee act up the day before surgery?  That’s what I call a gift to help me get in the mood for surgery.


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  1. sunroom is beautiful……..somehow I thot that surgery was today……praying early.  i think you’ve got you’re full mileage out of that knee.  😉

  2. Thinking of you now and through the days ahead! Your sun room is beautiful, I love the flooring and the light fixtures are lovely. Much fun to find what furniture you want in there. I would want a sofa of some sort so I could take naps letting the sun shine on me! It is so very nice of CM to have that all completed for you at this time.

  3. The sun room looks great! Praying that your surgery goes smoothly and that your recovery will go well!

  4. The sunroom looks great! And it is nice that CM finished it just in time for you to have a lovely place to recover from your knee surgery. May the Lord guide the doctors as they give you a new knee and may He lessen your recovery time. Take care and tell CM “Hi!” for us.

  5. Best best wishes! I hope all goes well. The room looks wonderful.

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