Certain Man came and fetched me home this morning and I am safely in my beloved chair by the fire and am so glad to be home!!!  Surgery went so well, and the doctor said that he is pleased.  He stood at the end of my bed yesterday morning and laughed in his characteristic way. 
“That was one nasty knee!” he said ruefully.  “It was more than bone on bone.  You had significant bone loss and we had to build it up.  We straightened it out and put the new knee in and you should be good to go.”   
I said, “You know Dr. Choy, it is so interesting to me that the knee didn’t give me more pain.  I’m thinking that maybe all the pain fibers are gone from that knee and that is why it hasn’t hurt me so much.  In fact, I’ve been thinking maybe they are so far gone that maybe I will be able to go through rehab and not even feel it!”
He looked at me with amusement, winked and said, “Dream on!”
That probably explains why things weren’t especially easy for most of the day Saturday.  I was caught flat footed with significant pain when the femoral block wore off.  It seemed like the morphine just wasn’t helping me much, even when I was punching my PCA (patient controlled analgesia )button every 8-10 minutes.  My nurse that night remembered me from three months ago and said, “We are going on oral pain meds, getting rid of this PCA, getting rid of the I.V., getting rid of the foley, and seeing if we can’t get things under control.”  What a wonderfully wise and compassionate nurse.  Things were significantly better by last night and I had a really good night.  Physical therapy went very well, and the therapist put me first on her list this morning so I could come home to have just a little time with Rachel before she headed back to Rosedale right after lunch today.
And that is pretty much the story for now.  I am going steps, walking with a walker, already got my therapy cycle to make a complete circle after a few tries and pumped it for about two minutes.  Percoset seems to be keeping the pain under control, and I definitely have a greater range of motion in this knee than I did the other right after surgery with less pain.  I am so blessed, tickled with how things are going, and thankful for the great care I’ve been given before, during and now after my hospital stay.  My sweet Mama came to visit me this afternoon, and is great company.  And if there is anyone else out there that would like to come and visit, I would be delighted.  I don’t plan to be moving too far from my house for a couple of weeks.  If I want to have in house physical therapy, I have to STAY HOME.  I’ve been duly informed.  Insurance will not pay for in home therapy or nursing if they find out that I’ve been out and about for anything other than doctor appointments. 
And that is the news from Shady Acres, where I came home to the sun room totally finished, including curtains, and a house quite orderly and a great lunch ready.  Yay for Middle and Youngest Daughters!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone should have such great kids.  Youngest Son called to keep tabs on me, and his lovely wife called, too, with much concern.  Eldest Son and his lovely wife came to visit at the hospital and visited today, staying to help clean up after lunch.  Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law visited at the hospital and brought our little Love Bug today to sit on Grammy’s lap and get her stories read to her. Certain Man has been the best! Taking care of me, cheering me on and making me feel so cherished and cared for. 

I am so happy, so blessed
and eternally grateful to God for
All His Blessings to me.
Here are some pictures of the finished room. 
I know that some of you aren’t interested
(but some of you are!)–
So here you go!


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  1. I am glad things are going well! You sound very upbeat. The room is lovely, oh so nice! I love the extra touches of plants, the rug at the door, candles in the windows and I think there is a  picture of the Love Bug on the little table….nice touches. Welcome home!

  2. Glad to hear that everything went well for you now. Nice pictures now.

  3. Who knew that experience would help – not that anyone really wants experience in knee replacement! I’m so glad that you are doing well. Thanks for the sunroom photos – it is a beautiful room and I love seeing such things.

  4. I am so thankful that things went well for you – and your room looks beautiful.

  5. So very happy for you ……….. on all accounts!!!  You’ve got a beautiful room to cozy up at home and waatch spring march in.

  6. I’m glad your surgery went well and is now behind you. Your sunroom looks so nice and cheery. I’m sure you will get lots of good out of it. It’s almost like being outside. 🙂

  7. I am so glad your surgery went well !  Will be praying that your recovery is quick and painless!   Enjoy your room it looks lovely!

  8. I am heart-glad that surgery went so well for you.  It does us good to count our blessings and to realize how things COULD be and be so grateful that they’re not.  =)  I love the sun room.  I want one.  =)

  9. praying for you as you recuperate from surgery…..your sun room is so neat!!! Blessings!!

  10. Glad you are back home again, and the lovely sun room was there waiting for you.  It looks completely different with “Daniel’s Village” all tucked away until next Christmas!  Blessings, and Prayers!

  11. I love your new room! It looks calming and cheerful!I am glad that the getting the new knee part is behind you. Praying for you as you recover…

  12. So Happy Your surgery went well! I am taking the supplements you recommended and never felt better THANK You!Plus How nice to have a nice room to sit in while you recover. You deserve it.

  13. Glad surgery went well for you – love love love the room!  So pretty & ‘fresh’

  14. So glad it went well! I really like the colors in the new room.

  15. I am so glad that all went well with your knee replacement!   How nice that you could come home to a lovely finished sunroom.  What a great place to recover in.

  16. So glad things are going well for you! I love the new room…it is so light and cherry!

  17. Good for you – new knee, new room! I like the track lighting above the chairs – perfect for you to cozy up in the chair and read! Hope your recovery exceeds all expectations.

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