We’ve been blessed with overnight guests the last two nights. 


On the left are David and Jewel (Beidler) Byler, and on the right are Faith (Beidler) and Paul Benner.  Jewel and Faith are sisters of my dearly beloved sister in law, Rose.  The Beidler family had a siblings reunion here in DE, and some extra beds were needed, so we were so delighted that they asked us (pick me, pick me!!!).  Certain Man was in Ohio this weekend and so it was comforting to have extra people in the house while he was gone.  They only needed beds– no food, no laundry or any work on my part what so ever.  And they were delightful guests to have.


And look what else!!!  Our Love Bug is starting to walk!





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  1. What a great photo of your Love Bug! Isn’t that sweet!

  2. Isn’t that exciting!!!  I’ve noticed with the walking, they sure want to be more independant.  sigh.

  3. Can it be already? Little Love Bug looks right proud of herself.

  4. Ah, how special to see your Little Love Bug walking.  Let the chase begin!!!

  5. Your sister-in-law Rose? There was a Rose Beidler in my class. Is she your sister-in-law? Or is it a different one? What a cute picture of your little Love Bug! We have a very strong, daring, strong-willed boy on our hands, but he still is not walking alone at 14 months!! He stands alone when he’s not thinking about it and walks all around everything and walks really fast when we hold his hands. So one of these days he’ll discover he can do it all by himself.

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