Some of the things that have brightened my life these last few weeks —


This is an arrangement from my precious sister in law, Lena.  I got these flowers from her while still in the hospital  It cheered my days so much, and I just threw them out today– two weeks and one day later. Thank you, Lena.  The flowers were such a bright spot in these pain filled days.

The pretty little Willow Tree Angel of Prayer came from my friend, Kim Landis.  It has been such a blessing to look at it, remember all the prayers that have been offered on my behalf, be reminded to pray for people in my life right now that are in need of prayer, and to think about how new friendships are formed, and how God brings people into our lives at a given time that bless us in ways we never thought would be possible.  Thank you, Kim, for your kindness to me and my family.  I continue to pray that your knee will soon be completely healed. 


The ladies group at Laws Mennonite Church, Women in Christian Service (or WCS) sent me this lovely plant for my sun room.  It is blooming its heart out, and looks so completely professionally grown and perfect.  I go out there and stroke the big, shiny leaves, and think of how these gals have contributed to my life in such positive ways, and I love this plant, not only because of its beauty, but because it represents their many kindnesses to me.


My dear friend and cousin, Joan Mills, brought me a bouquet of Daffodils last week, and tucked this little blue butterfly into the mix.  It caught the sunshine, and it was often a sudden surprise when I would turn my eyes and catch its brilliance against the gold.  Joanie-girl, it has cheered me over and over again.


Our daughter and son in law stop over often with our precious grandbaby.  She has brightened many a day.  She will come in and give Grammy’s “ouchie” a gentle, gentle rub (eye-yie) and she smiles and listens to stories and  practices her walking and the many things she is learning.  How very happy I am with this gift that has been given our family.


She is getting so very big, and she plays so happily.  She gets into alot of things, too.  I don’t suppose that’s unusual for an inquisitive, intelligent and active 11 month old.
(No prejudice here, is there?)


Charis Nicole Bontrager, Eleven Months old.

(There have been many other bright spots in these past two weeks — incredible meals, warm and wonderful visits, and notes and calls.  But these are some that I actually got photos of.  All of you who have blessed me are part of the many warm circles around me heart.  THANKS!!!)



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  1. Great pictures. I especially enjoyed the pictures of Charis.

  2. Beautiful flowers and plants but Charis out shines them all!

  3. She is a little “nix nootz.”  And so cute!  =)) 

  4. How highly you are regarded to receive such lovely things while recovering.  I agree with Lucy that Charis is the greatest gift of all.

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