Spring comes to Shady Acres

Spring comes to Shady Acres 005

Our little Star Magolia, blooming her heart out.
This little bush was totally covered with a big, hard snowbank.  Certain Man didn’t know whether she would make it, but it is blooming like crazy, and he is pleased.

Spring comes to Shady Acres 010

There are only two of my tulips showing any color yet.
But just you wait!  Next week, we will have an abundance of pretties.

Spring comes to Shady Acres 011

Our lighter colored Daffodils are almost over, but these big, bright yellow ones are doing just fine.


Spring comes to Shady Acres 012

Caught in the corner between a raised bed and the blacktop, this volunteer Pansy is showing off.


Spring comes to Shady Acres 013

I wish I had a picture in the full sun, but this is our weeping cherry tree.  It hangs its branches down like a bridal veil and is awash with beauty.

Spring comes to Shady Acres 015

Our Tulip tree has never looked so good.  The hard winter must be good for it. 

Spring comes to Shady Acres 016

There are few flowers that smell so sweet as a tulip tree’s extravagant blossoms.  It is such a “spring time feeling” to stand down wind of this tree and catch the full benefit of the heady perfume.


Spring comes to Shady Acres 004

This is the real sign of Spring at Shady Acres.  Certain Man is working in his garden.  He planted potatoes and carrots and lettuce and peas today.  He planted a few more asparagus roots to join his little patch.  He hoed around his precious Rhubarb plant and calculated where his tomato plants would be this year.

Spring comes to Shady Acres 003

Middle Daughter is explaining to her daddy what a little seed planter does.  She wishes they had one to plant the carrot seeds.  Certain Man is not convinced.  Actually, both Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter, who is home for Spring break, have been busy out there helping him.  Youngest Daughter is hoeing the weeds out of the pole bean row between the poles.  She just came into the house with a cut toe, but insisted that it wasn’t too bad and headed back out again.  She has been, of course, barefoot in the chilly April dirt. Both of these girlies love the earth, love to garden, and are willing helpers when they once get started.  It is a great boost to Certain Man who loves to garden, but enjoys having help doing it.  (I didn’t get a good picture of Youngest Daughter, so I guess I will have mercy on her and not put any on.) 



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  1. This post makes me want to plant some garden….almost anyway.

  2. It’s that time!!! Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures and signs of life from your garden!  Happy Spring!

  4. I have many memories of gardening, lots and lots of gardening, but most of them are not good memories. I’m amazed at people who love it. My dad was one of them, and now my brother. Every time I hear or read of someone who is all excited at the prospect of gardening for the first time in their lives, I think, “Honey, you have no idea. The garden becomes your boss.” At least, in our experience that’s how it was, and I hated it.All that to say, “Have fun, Certain Man! I’m glad you enjoy it!”

  5. Lovely post!  I could just smell the blossoms.  My citrus tree is an aromatic treat as I walk by it.  I imagine your trees are the same.

  6. so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless ….The color is amazing!

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