This morning, I had a phone call, informing me that I needed to be at Stockley Center for a “contract signing” class and there were very few times to choose from.  They were surprised they hadn’t heard from me, but to be honest, signing a contract was just a little far back in my brain at this point of my life.  When Certain Man heard about the dilemma, he offered to drive me to the class being held tonight, and this was a big relief to me.  Sometime this afternoon, I thought about the fact that Gertrudes new gravestone was supposed to have been placed some time ago, so I grabbed my camera as we went out the door, hoping that the class wouldn’t last very long and that I would get a chance to visit her grave in the daylight hours.  Sure enough!  The class got over in about 40 minutes, and Certain Man and I drove back the long lane to the cemetery. 


Sure enough!  The new stone was there!  And she would have been so pleased.  I didn’t choose a thing on it — didn’t even give suggestions, but Christmas trees were her favoritest things in the world.  In fact, our family never had a Christmas tree until after Gertrude was a part of our family, and one of the reasons we got that first one was that Gertrude wanted one so badly.  I am so pleased with how things turned out.  Thanks again, everyone who urged me to try to make this happen.  Again, it was done at no cost.  What a compassionate thing to do!
Thank you, Lloyd Memorials, Inc.



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  1. God cares about the smallest details, and He loved Gertrude.

  2. So very nice.How are you getting along? I certainly hope you are getting better each day.

  3. That’s wonderful, Mary Ann!  Just a little hug from God to you.  Guess what?  There are more where that came from… have a great day!

  4. Unable to be there in person, I am so glad for your pictures and words to tell us of this small, beautiful, and profound occurrence. I am very glad! mw

  5. So wonderful.. I remember the celebration of her Homegoing..

  6. How special to see that the stone is now right!  It was a compassionate  act.  Gertrude deserved it and you are to be commended to see that it was done.  As the mother of one who is considered disadvantaged, I would want the same done for him.  God bless you!

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