Love Bug plays at Grandpa and Grammy’s House

It’s Saturday evening.  Daddy and Mommy are out at the fire ring with Uncle Raph and Auntie Gina, Uncle Lem and Auntie Jess, Auntie Beebs and Auntie Rachel.  Love Bug has a bit of a cold, and since there is a big trip planned, Grandpa and Grammy are going to watch Love Bug while the young people sit around the fire and talk.


If Grandpa will just let me go, I am sure that I can find something to get into.



Oh, here is my basket of toys.
Lots of stuff to unload, look at and discard.



I like all these little soft things that I can hold in my hand.
That pink pig is a little disconcerting.
I wonder why it is lying on its side like that.
H-m-m-m-m-m . . .



Wait a minute.
 What are these things that Auntie Beebs has over here?
I’ve been trying to get at them for a long time.
Grammy just went to get some batteries for one of my toys.
I think I can finally find out what these strange things are.



They come apart!
I’m going to taste them.
 Out goes my binky.
In goes the stuff.



Squish, squish, squish.
  They don’t taste so good,
but I would take each and every one of them apart
and probably taste them
( if Grammy didn’t stop me, that is).
Let’s go see what else I can find to get into.



O-h-h-h-h-h, Look!
Uncle Lem’s Guitar!
Now that’s what I call exciting!



I wonder if they will let me play with this. 
Uncle Lem makes such pretty noises with it. 



Pluck, pluck, pluck.
H-m-m-m-m . . .



Maybe if I get both hands on it, I can really do something! 
This thing doesn’t seem to be working for me.



Smack, smack, smack.  It makes strange noises.  Not at all like Uncle Lem. 

I think I need to get just a little


bigger —

but oh, what fun to see what I can get into at Grandpa’s house!



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  1. Ahhhh…so cute and I think you were reading her sharp curious mind correctly. Very sweet post Grandma.

  2. Oh it is too funny. Our little curious georgette is just the same way.

  3. so sweet ……………..:)

  4. I love posts like this that show the curiosity of cute little babies.  She is a doll.  But, Grammy, be careful around all of those toys on the floor.   (I once fell over a toy while holding a baby and broke my shoulder.  I couldn’t brace my fall with an arm so I took the fall squarely on my shoulder. )

  5. @Dominie – Oh, OUCH!!!  This is a good reminder.  Sometimes I feel like a ninety year old lady the way I pick my way around obstacles.  I would hate to undo what has been so graciously given to me in these new knees.  The thing is — I’ve observed that shoulders seem to be harder to heal “right” than almost any other part of the body.  Does it still give you grief?

  6. Oh, how familiar this all looks to me. Some days Austin has so many things scattered about from the drawers, plus toys, it looks like a hurricane swept through.

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