I told you that there would be some beautiful tulips this week!

One of Middle Daughter’s friends told her this week that her “ex” asked her what her favorite flower was.  She told him, “Anything but tulips.  I hate tulips!”  So he proceeded to plant hundreds of tulip bulbs in her back yard.  They come up every year, and it drives her crazy.  What would you do with a man like that???  But then,  how could anyone not like tulips???  To each his own, I guess!  I love tulips and if I was mad at Certain Man and he planted hundreds of tulip bulbs in my back yard, it would certainly be grounds for making up!

This old barrel has been a source of great enjoyment for me.  It has such endless possibilities and the rustic condition of the barrel only sets off whatever I plant in it.  It has been a few years since I had tulips in it, but sometime between the snow and the Knee Replacement, I went out and threw some of my bulbs into this old whiskey half barrel and, once again, I am not disappointed.

These tulips were planted in that whiskey half barrel a few years ago.  I transplanted to the north east side of our barbecue pit, and they have multiplied and flourished.  I think it is the sun off the bricks that make it such a great place to grow them, and they seem to be doing their utmost to please me.

Just in case you haven’t heard it from any of the other Delaware Xanga Girls, we are having a heat wave.  2010 is the year for setting records — first for the amount of snowfall, and now for Heat.  It is in the eighties today.  I refuse to turn on AC this early in the year!  Certain Man might overrule, though.  He’s been working so hard because we are getting chickens tomorrow.  He took today off because I needed someone to drive me to Physical Therapy.  And it was right at an inconvenient time.  I wish I could drive myself, but it isn’t feasible right now.  I am still not able to move my leg laterally very well, and since it is my driving leg, I have to listen to the powers that be.  I think I kinda overdid it this week — my therapist tells me that I am on my leg too much and that I should probably be using my cane when I am out and about.  Mornings are best, but by noon, all I want to do is sit on my chair and prop it up.  This week is four weeks, and I thought it would be considerably better by now — but the therapist told me today that when they need to build up bone, there is quite a bit more healing that needs to be done, and also, since my joint was off center, there was a specific kind of fixing that needed to be done there – so she encouraged me to not be discouraged, but to maybe not be on it so much. 


The big news is that I am done with coumadin!!!  No more blood tests, and I can take ibuprofen!!!  This is a significant corner to turn, and it makes me a whole lot more optimistic.  The outdoors is calling my soul with all its persuasive power, and there is so much I want to do.  But it can go on without me, and maybe someday I will catch up!

Counting my blessings, here, dear friends, and the minutest percentage is mind boggling.  How very great is our God!


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  1. Your tulips are beautiful!  We have a few blooming right now, too.  And your 80’s weather sounds like ours the last couple days.  But a cold front is suppose to move through tonight, bringing some stormy weather and cooler temps.  I think highs in the 60’s tomorrow.  Glad you are making progress with your knee.

  2. Those ARE beautiful tulips. I love tulips, they just don’t last long enough.

  3. For my mother’s March 29th birthday I used to give her forced blooming potted tulips. After they were spent we’d plant the bulbs outside. I do like them but wish they’d stay in bloom longer. Yours are beautiful. I hope your pain leaves and you can feel much better soon.

  4. Your tulips are beautiful, cheery……………………so fun to see them flourish.  Mine are the early short variety………………all ready history for the year.  God is good……….all the time!!!

  5. Your tulip story had me chuckle-ing–She could dig them up and get rid of them.  Not so permanent like a tree or wisteria bush.  There is one(wisteria bush) here that I wish somebody had never planted here in the days before we came here.

  6. I love flowers! Thanks for the pictures of your tulips. I can enjoy them without all the work. (Excuse me while I go weed my flower beds!) Stay off that leg and let it heal!!

  7. Love your tulips. I need to plant a few around here. As for your knee, just stay off of it and let it heal so that you can get back to doing like before. If you keep going until you can’t go anymore you know that it will take longer to get completely better. You can still go outside, just remember to sit and prop up that leg instead of doing work. You can sit and be the “forman” as others do the work for you. May God speed up the healing time for you.

  8. Love the tulips. This morning I was admiring the beautiful ones at the nursing home where I do a nursing visit a couple times a week. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

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