Update on the Guatemala trip

After all the hoopla about El Salvador, I need to report on that part of the trip.  Deborah and Rachel were treated wonderfully in San Salvador.  They were taxied to the nice motel that is associated with the bus lines after arriving at the airport.  I believe it cost them maybe $30.00, which Deborah seemed to feel was fair.  They paid $24.00 a night for the nice motel room, and then were up at 4am to catch a bus at 5am for Guatemala. 

The bus was adequate and comfortable and not terribly expensive.  They had some exposure to the roads that were washed out and passable only on one side.  One bridge was actually under water, but they went across it anyway.  When I questioned the wisdom of that, Rachel said, “Mom, it was like a cement roof bridge.  It was fine!”  (I didn’t tell her that I saw some pictures of “cement roof” bridges lying helter skelter and completely collapsed on a facebook friend’s photo report of the devastation in the wake of the hurricane — The girls both seemed to feel that it was not that scary.)  They got to Guatemala City in less than four hours, which seems to be excellent time, and then because Lupe and her husband Ervin had difficulties on the bad roads between Quetzetanoma and the capitol, they waited for awhile in a mall until they finally got there.  Got something to eat because they were starving, and that is where Lupe and Ervin found them.

They had that very positive experience in El Salvador, and now they are loving the time with Lupe and her husband and their extended family.  When I talked with Lupe last night, she was quite weepy with joy over having Rachel there, sharing old memories, and finding that Rachel has grown up so much since she last saw her, finding her an adult friend as well as a childhood friend that grew up, and just really enjoying having “home folks” there to talk to.  I sometimes wonder how it must be to be in Lupe’s shoes.  She has this little girl that is almost a year and half, and her grandma (Lupe’s mother) has never seen her.

Ervin and Lupe’s baby, Nichole

Lupe literally has no family where she lives, and she has had to learn the hard way who to trust and who will betray her, she has struggled in the marriage, (not surprising.  Who doesn’t?) but has persevered and held on until things are now better than they have ever been.  Her husband is a good provider for her, and they seem to have a working relationship that is meaningful to them both.  She is a scrappy, feisty girlie and she has not had things easy in her life.  I often think that it is that tenacity that has made the difference in getting through and giving up.  I’m grateful that she has been a part of our lives, and I am honored that she considers our family as her own along with her biological family.  It’s been a TRIP, and it has certainly had adventures. 

Kinda’ like the one the girls are on right now.  It’s been hard to predict just what will happen next.



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3 responses to “Update on the Guatemala trip

  1. It was good to the update. Thanks.

  2. Nice to get an update and to know all is well. Certainly is a sweet baby!

  3. Thanks for the update.  I’m sure your “momma” heart is more at peace now, too.

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