The girls come  home tomorrow, Lord Willing.  The Guatemala airport is open, and things are all scheduled.

Please pray for my Rachel-girl.  She is quite sick with the kind of things travelers often get when they travel in Latin Amercan countries.  After three days of Montezuma’s Revenge, she is so dehydrated that she blacked out this morning when they went into town.  I’m so glad that she has her own personal nurse with her, and Deborah is doing a fine job taking care of her.  Rachel called me this afternoon while we were still at our church’s carry-in to ask me to please pray for her, and to ask for advice.  I talked to her just a few minutes ago and she is feeling much improved, for which I am so grateful.

My week ahead looks really full, but took a quick turn for the unexpected this afternoon when Cecilia suffered a seizure.  She was hospitalized about two months ago with seizures that wouldn’t stop (also on a Sunday afternoon, no less) and they changed her meds at that time.  She had a few weeks of irritablility, but then seemed to settle in.  About a month ago, they started her on Blood Pressure meds, and since then she has just not seemed quite right.  Because she doesn’t speak, I always need to guess what is going on.  I’ve noticed that she has lost some weight, though, and this past week they called me from Easter Seals to say that she was crying.  They had never seen her cry before, and were quite worried.  I couldn’t leave that minute to get her, and asked for a half an hour.  By then, she had stopped crying and we decided to just leave her there.  She seemed fine there the rest of the day, and also fine when she got home in the evening.  Daniel and I went to PA to pick up my Sweet Mama who has been gone for almost three weeks, and Niece Carmen put her to bed.  Again, she was crying, so Carmen called me, and I sang her the usual going to bed song that I sing every night, and then she seemed to settle okay.  She was fine yesterday and seemed normal today until she had the seizure.

What this means is that I need to get orders for blood work, and then see if she may need some follow-up tests.  May I just say that I HATE seizures???  They are devastating to the person who has them, and they are difficult to manage, difficult to discover the “WHY” of them, and difficult to know just what is best for the person involved.

Things will look better tomorrow.  It’s high time I get to bed.  Better days ahead.  I hope.

(And maybe Xanga will upload my pictures!)

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  1. It has been too long since I checked in with you and am enjoying the family news.  I am so sorry your daughter had to get sick at the end of her trip.  That is so miserable to have to travel when sick.  Linda, hopefully is better.  Siezures are scary.  Bruce is subject to them, but luckily they are under control right now.  He still has weakness (paralysis) on the right side every now and then (Just the other day, as a matter of fact.) which the docs can’t understand. Meds can cause mood changes which it appears is happening to Linda.  What is she taking?

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