Silly kids and Family weekends



Three silly kids!  Charis loves Carson and Nevin intensely.  Whenever she sees a picture of herself with them, she makes this little happy noise somewhere down in her throat and grins her widest grin.  I am so happy these three cousins have the opportunity to play together this summer.  The boys are so tender with her, often laying aside their own grievances to be sure she is safe and happy.  It is an incredible blessing to watch!

I babysat for our Love Bug but this week, and on a whim, put her up by me on the side of the kitchen sink.  She was perfectly content.  She reminds me so much of her Mama.  When Christina was a little girl, she could entertain herself for hours, pouring water from one container into another and back again, getting herself as wet as possible in the process.  When I watch this smidgen of a girl, I am transported back thirty years to another girlie with brown eyes and soft brown hair, and the memories are oh, so sweet!!!


Of course we had to wash her hands!  And that called for foaming soap which made for some nice bubbles.

Bubbles.  One of the words she says.


The family was together this weekend–

The boys were home with their sweet wives.

Raph and Gina.
{It seems like forever since they moved to Ohio.} 
It was wonderful to have you home again, to see the love you have for each other and life in general
Ah, Raph and Gina — if I didn’t believe with all my heart that God called you to Ohio,
I think my heart would break from missing you so much!


Lem and Jess
{Reeling (but recovering!) from a major disappointment, when the house they felt certain was to be theirs, wasn’t.}
I watch the two of you working out the everyday living of marriage with a sweet, sweet love and the kind of commitment that isn’t based on everything going just “right” and know that God continues to work in your hearts and He will complete that work as you cooperate with him.  I miss you two, too, and am glad that you are close enough for a quick trip now and then.


Uncle Lem reads to Charis.  This is one of her favorite books —

The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear.


Too soon, it was time to go.  Some Sugar for Uncle Raph–


And a squeeze for Auntie Gina .


And suddenly, everyone is gone and everything is too quiet again.

We miss both couples intensely, but having them home sure is like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer day!
(Now what would I know about that?!?!?!?)

Thank you so much for coming!




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7 responses to “Silly kids and Family weekends

  1. Very sweet post. Great pictures.

  2. How special it is when the family returns.  Your post is filled with love.  And that sweet Charis!!  You must treasure every minute you get to share with her.  Isn’t it fun being a grandma?  Does you have a name instead of Grandma, you call yourself when you are talking to her?  Some of my grandchildren call me G.G.,  short forGrandma Grimm. to distinguish me from their other Grandmothers.

  3. Oh, Dominie — Yes, I love it! And I am “Grammy” I know, it sounds old and decrepit — but my Sweet Mama is “Grandma” and her other grandmother is “Achi”? (Indian, I’ve heard) and her other Grandfather is “Pappy” and my husband is “Grandpa”. But she doesn’t say any of our names yet. I’ve heard something a time or two when it would seem that she’s addressing me, and the sound is consistent — sorta’ like “dee-dee” but I can’t really tell, and I am waiting for the final call, because she is going to be the one to make it! Anything she says, I’LL TAKE IT!!!

  4. I think we are at the same stages in life. I can relate so well to the children coming home and the wonderful sweetness of grandchildren. God bless you and your wonderfully busy life!

  5. How wonderful for them and for you that they could both be home at the same time!

  6. Charis is getting so big!! 

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