It has been a full week.  We’ve done corn and done laundry and babysat the boys and — well  — it’s just plain been tiring!

This afternoon, while my grandbaby played on the floor, I slipped down off my chair where I was trying to regroup a little and I thought I would play with her on the floor!  Whew!  My knees are not ready for crawling around on the floor yet — Almost thought I had done some permanent damage for a minute, but then it settled down and I got myself back up on my feet and flexed things around for a while and all seems well.  I’ll think twice before I do that again.

This is my favorite picture from the week:



On another note — there has been a pondering running around in my mind all day — ever since Middle Daughter read an excerpt from Dear Abby where someone had written in to complain about being at a wedding reception that served dinner five hours after the reception started because “the bride preferred to dance on an empty stomach”.  She proceeded to say that she and her husband (and a dozen others) left their gift and took their empty stomachs to a restaurant while the bride danced merrily on.

It may seem like a bit of a “stretch”, but somehow several things that have happened recently caused me to get a mental picture of the Church, the Bride of our beloved Redeemer.  People have come, people are hungry but instead of feeding them, instead of meeting their honest needs, we are dancing merrily to the music of prosperity, the music of popularity, the music of success, even the music of bitter rivalries and jealousy.  Our own stomachs are empty, but we think we “dance better” with empty stomachs.  How many people are walking out because they aren’t finding the soul satisfaction that Jesus promised?

There is so much to celebrate.  But our celebrating should draw in the hungry and give them something to satisfy their souls.  They shouldn’t have to wait with empty hearts while we dance.


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  1. btw: very nice picture of the little Love Bug!

  2. really good post about the dancing while others are hungry – certainly something to think about and to avoid. 

  3. Wow!  Another excellent post.  I’m going to be pondering your ponderings — and sharing them as well.  This one is definitely one for sharing.

  4. What a sobering analogy!Thanks for the corn-on-the-cob picture!

  5. Wow, that’s a great analogy!  Hard to put into practice sometimes tho!

  6. Your mention of your knees makes me ask,”How are they?  Are you getting more and more mobility?  Do you want to encourage me to schedule my surgery?”Charis is changing day to day.  What a joy!You always make such good analogies!  Right on!

  7. Too cute with the corn.  It reminds me of the morning I was taking care of Miss Muffet this week.  I gave her a bath and it became VERY obvious that this little girls main dish the day before was …corn.   Hopefully not many people will read this since it’s not your newest entry……but what nana’s lovingly do for their love of grandbabes!!!!!   On the more somber note.  Thanks for the warning/thots in our “dance”.  Our life has got to be all about HIM and not about us!!!

  8. You’re positively hitting the nail on the head with the bit about the wedding dance; not at all too far of a stretch. May I borrow that one for a sermon sometime if I give acknowledgment that it originates from my wise friend far away and not from me?mw

  9. Absolutely, use it — but you and I both know that anything wise comes from the Father– That’s where the acknowledgment truly belongs. Thanks, Marty!

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