Corn Day, Yoder Girls’ Style

I think we finally finished up the corn today.
Alma’s friend, Peggy, made some corn available to us, and we put our hands to the husks, and never looked back!


Roxie, Edie, Elmer and Sarah get busy on what seemed like a really little pile of corn.



The other end; Sarah, Christina, Friend Emma


This is what we call the “Cow” and it is a new edition.  I was trying to get the original edition down from the rafters, and suddenly it came bouncing down and broke into irreparable pieces.  Certain Man never said a murmuring word, but got busy and made us a new one, and this is a greatly improved edition.


Here we gather to solve all the world’s problems. 
(Almost get it done, too.)

Then Elmer brings the tractor and loader up so we have somewhere to throw the cobs.

Roxie and Sarah begin the big job of cutting off kernels.


Alma lends her able hands


This is pretty much the bravest one of us all.
With feet that almost never stop hurting, she still came to help.
I suspect she’s paying dearly for it tonight!
What would we ever do without her???
She urges us on to a strong finish.



There’s lots to drink.  Tea.  And tea.  And Tea.

There’s a hornet buzzing around here.  Someone needs to get him!

Emma tries her hand at a new experience and finds out that she really isn’t too bad at it!

Roxie is a helpful and pleasant addition to our corn days.


Sarah is the one who “LOVES” to do corn.  She is our corny professional.

We really do laugh a lot!
This crew specializes in finding something to entertain each other through the long, hot hours.

The long, long line of cutting and packaging.

Of course we had help from another sector!
Charis “washes” her ear of corn before eating it raw.

“If I pour often enough, maybe I can empty one of these muck buckets!”

“Wait a minute.  That’s corn in there.  I really, really, really like corn.”


“I believe I’ll go fishing!”


“Aha!  I caught a big one!”


“I found a spot to eat my corn where no one will bother me!”



“This is just the best lunch ever!  It’s so yummy!”


“Mommy, can’t you see I’m busy here?!?!?”



“Maybe I’ll just take my ear of corn and go someplace else!”


The day went so well, and we had about 450 ears of corn (some of which we divvied up for eating fresh) and we got over sixty packages of corn (of various sizes)  So, so pleased!  And hopefully that is it for this year.  I am just about husked/corned/kernel-ed out.  It has been a long week and half since we started, and I really don’t know how much we’ve done all together, but it is ENOUGH, ALREADY!!!


The little one cleaned up pretty well for prayer meeting tonight!


CM and CMW at prayer meeting tonight.
Yepper, that’s two tired people!
But prayer meeting has a way of filling up the cracks and crannies of hearts that are heavy,
and provides the oil of joy for mourning
and gives a reminder of how good we really do have it,
so it was worth every minute.

Tonight, Youngest Daughter is ill with a very nasty summer cold, and I am not sure just what to do to help her. 
I think a good night’s rest is probably the best thing for what ails her.
I know it’s the best for what ails me, so that is where I’m heading my own weary self!

Good night, all-
May the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ rest and abide with each one!



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15 responses to “Corn Day, Yoder Girls’ Style

  1. Oh, wow! That was a busy day. It made me weary just thinking about you doing all that corn.

  2. great pictures – it looks like you have very sweet family members and friends.   Enjoy your corn~

  3. …..a snooze in there for anyone?

  4. I keep looking at that cow and trying to figure it out. Is it four spigots to rinse the corn? It’s always a good feeling to have the corn done and in the freezer ready to enjoy all winter.

  5. YUM!  Do you have to do anything to the corn before you bag it and freeze it?  Thanks for the great pictures and comments on each one.  Looks like a lot of work but you all have figured out lots of ways to make it easier!  Being together as you work is the best part of all.  You have a great family.Have a good day!

  6. @ColeenSr – Colleen, Daniel rigged up this handy little invention (his own, I might add) about ten years ago. It is four spigots on four plastic pipes, and a hose attaches to the bottom of it. He made a place on top for knives to slide in and then we brush under the water (each brush operator can regulate his or her own stream) and so it is washed and brushed in one operation. We get really wet, but we do have a grand time talking together.@purpleamethyst76 – Shanda — I didn’t show the cooking operation! So sorry. After the corn is washed/brushed/silked, we have a turkey fryer filled with boiling water, and we blanch anywhere from 20-25 ears at a time. We only bring them back to full rolling boil, then plunge them into the coldest water we can get out of our sweet, deep well. When the initial heat is off, and they are a little cool, we put them into the next water, and then on into another muck bucket with ice in it. (That is what you see there that Charis is dipping into. Daniel made those wire inserts from plastic coated chicken wire so we can just lift each load out and plunk it into the next without having to fish each piece out — that saves an incredible amount of time and keeps us from freezing our kanibblin pins!!!) The corn needs to be so cold that it won’t warm up in your hand in the time it takes to cut it off. Then we hustle it into bags and to the freezer. You see, within about twelve hours of picking, the natural sugar in an ear of corn begins to turn to starch. We try to have it all in the freezer within eight hours or so of picking because it is so much sweeter that way. That Sweet Mama of ours impressed upon us the need for urgency when doing corn, and we really try hard to “get it done!” I’ve had so many people ask me how we do corn and say, “Tell me exactly what you do. I want my corn to taste just like your!” And when I tell them, they decide they can cut this corner or that, and are surprised when they find out that it just doesn’t taste the same. It’s a whole bunch of work, but it is a good time to be together while we do it, and it is a nice thing to have in the freezer for the many things we use corn for. I hope that answers you gal’s questions!

  7. That’s the way to do corn! Lots & lots of help! Wow!

  8. We used to do that at my grandmas house. 🙂 Sweet memories.

  9. Wow…what a lot of work!!! It is fun to see all of you working together. That little one is just adorable. Thanks for sharing part of your life with us!!

  10. What wonderful pictures! The little one ‘fishing’ was so cute! Praying for everyone to feel better after the long hard work.

  11. Well that sound like fun! N u have some great picture’s on here to. Hope u have a great week-end now to.

  12. @Buckeyegirlie – Thanks so much for the further instructions.  I hope to put them to use someday when I have my own corn to freeze!  We’ve been buying it from our neighbor so we get it fresh.  We’ve eaten 2 dozen ears in the last couple of days!

  13. I heard Polly talk about that “cow” now I know what she is talking about. Looks like a fun day with the family.

  14. I never get tired of seeing pictures of your annual “Corn Day” .  What a coordinated effort!  And you are starting Charis out early.  By the time she is old enouglh to actually help she will be ready to join in.

  15. Oh My Goodness!!!   This brought back memories!!   Our families used to get together and do corn this very same way!!!  BY THE TRAILER LOADS!!!   My husband would start picking at daylight, and the other families would begin arriving.  We’d do corn ALL DAY, and each of us would have all in our freezer we’d need for the whole year.  We always blanched and cooled ours in cold water, before cutting it off the cob though.  I’m wondering, according to your pictures, if you cut it off first.  Hope I’m not too late with this comment for you to find it.  I really enjoyed this post.

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