I am very, very sad.

Today we had Tatters put to sleep.

She’s been a part of our family for ten years.

An absolute mess for most of that time,

But we (at least the females of the household) loved her.

If anyone hears wailing coming from Shawnee Road,

It’s Our Girl Nettie, mourning like I’ve never seen her mourn before.

Would you say a prayer for Nettie? 

She feels like it’s her fault because Tatters started biting her and about a month ago, a bite on her foot got badly infected and she had to have medical care for it and antibiotics.  Although that was the pivotal incident that made us know it was time for Tatters to go, there were many, many other reasons. But all Nettie can think is that it was somehow, mostly her fault.
Nettie’s pain makes me even sadder.


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  1. It’s always sad when you have to put a pet down.We have a nine year old cat that has never been friendly.I’m his favorite person and he barely tolerates me!Occasionally he will crawl on my lap but I’m not supposed to pet him.We have talked about putting him to sleep but my husband & I are too soft hearted.~sigh~This cat was my daughter’s pet and she’s married 3 years and we still have him.(he despises her husband,and her husband the cat)!But if he starts to bite,he will be living on borrowed time!Praying for you girl Audrey……….

  2. I’m SO SORRY about your precious pet!!   Any of us who have had to do this, know EXACTLY how you feel.  Needed or not, it still hurts TERRIBLY.   Mine has been nine years, and would you believe, I still miss her terribly.  She was a white toy poodle.

  3. So sorry, I hope Audrey gets over this soon. I know how this is and it makes you think you never  want to get another pet and then that feeling passes. Cats are wonderful pets~ even the onery ones~

  4. Oh, I am so sorry for you all!!  How sad that Audrey has taken the guilt onto herself.  Bless her.  Tell her I had similar feelings about Meggie’s death.  We did not cause our pet’s deathes.  Something we would NEVER do. 

  5. Im sorry about your cat.  Pets have a way of holding a little piece of our hearts.  Sorry for Audrey too. =(  We lost our pet cat this summer, too, and I still miss her….

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry, I really am.

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