Nettie’s Flowers

I just want to say that there really is nothing like the ladies at Laws Mennonite Church.

After my post last evening, there were so many expressions of caring for Nettie from our local Church family.
Today, I answered the door to find a delivery from a local florist.
The arrangement was gorgeous!

Of course, I thought that maybe my sweet husband was sending me flowers for no reason at all — like he does sometimes, but NO!  These were for Nettie!  Just because they knew she was feeling

Thank you, gals, for being so kind. understanding and inclusive of Our Girl Nettie.
It means so very much to me, but we cannot begin to measure what it means to Nettie.
What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do.


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3 responses to “Nettie’s Flowers

  1. That certainly must have eased her pain.  How lovely of your friends to care.

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