Anybody out there who would like to go to a Pampered Chef party?

Oldest Daughter is having one tonight in our lovely church basement at 6:15.

The demonstrator is none other than my lovely niece,

Joni Slaubaugh Geissinger.

Anyone who wants to come could come as my guest!

I think it sounds like it will be a fun time with a great group of people!

Or you can order online at:

Just go to this website and click on “shop online”

then enter “Christina Bontrager” to find her party.

(You need to put her first name in the first block and her last name in the last block.  I seriously had a time when I went through the loops to see if I could get in — but I did it and you can, too!)


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  1. I love Pampered Chef…wish I lived closer

  2. I’m invited to a PC show tonight — my niece, too, is a consultant.  I used to sell PC, so I have more than I need, although I have gotten a few of the new pieces.

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