Blustery days, birthdays and bonfires

The wind has been blustery today.  It came in on the trailing skirts of yesterday’s rain, brushing the rain clouds from the sky, and bringing a stellar day, bright and sunny and windy.  I looked out over the yard from my back door this morning and saw the fabric casing from a camp chair blowing across the yard.  I went out and rescued it and brought it into the garage where it can (maybe) get matched up with the proper chair.

The hammock, drying on the wash line was often straight out.

This is my birthday.  I’m 57!   My Sweet Mama, home again from a trip to visit my brother and his wife, Nel and Rose, said that I was born early in the morning.  So I got to really celebrate all day.  People from church as well as other friends are coming for a bonfire and hot dog roast and a hay ride tonight.  Certain Man and I have worried a bit about the wind, but it seems to be abating and it wouldn’t be worth having a bonfire if it wasn’t chilly!  Our brave souls will wrap themselves up and things should be just fine.

There was some chicken stock and deboned chicken in the garage fridge, so I decided that it would be a good day to make some soup.  Our family was on its last loaf of bread, too, so it seemed good to get a batch of bread going.  So morning hours were spent in the kitchen, and the soup and the bread got made.


The soup will help to warm chilled bones tonight, and the small pan of rolls, steamed to the finish, became an after work treat for Certain Man.  It’s called “Dumpf Knepf” (My spelling) and translation is “steam buttons” according to Certain Man.  He pours milk and honey on them and if he has fresh fruit, he puts that on, too.  He ate all but about a third of the pan and went out to get the fire started for tonight.   The bread got baked, some given away and the rest sliced for the freezer.

Every single one of The Offspringin’s called to wish me a happy birthday, and the wonderful wishes racked up all day on Facebook.  Then, in the middle of everything, our precious grandbaby came for a birthday hug for Grammy, and that pretty much made my good day even better!

Almost eighteen months, and very much her own person!


I headed out to the garden to pick some late tomatoes, and when I came back in, I found this sitting on my kitchen table:


Our neighbors brought me a birthday cake!  The timing was perfect, because I can share it tonight.   (This is the family of our little Latin Lupe Lou — far away in Guatemala.)
Her daddy had a birthday just a week ago, and I had made a big crock pot full of succotash for them.  I had discovered (quite by accident) that they loved my succotash made with our own lima beans and home frozen corn.  It seemed like a very small thing for a good friend’s birthday party, so I had sent the crock pot over, and this is what they gave back.  It is hard to outgive these people.  They are the most generous, open hearted people we’ve ever had in our trailer.

And now I am outta’ here to finish getting ready for this evening.
Good friends, good food, and a cold Autumn night.
What a wonderful way to celebrate a 57th birthday!!!



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14 responses to “Blustery days, birthdays and bonfires

  1. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady!

  2. Happy Birthday Lady ! Wow you are still pretty pretty young.

  3. Many happy returns of the day dear dear friend!  I would love your bread recipe someday if you get a chance to post it.  The soup and the bread look so homey and I know were made with love.  The cake was the nicest gift and just in time for your party.  You are loved!  ((big hugs)) ~Shanda

  4. Oh look I hid my comment so only you can read it!  LOL

  5. Happy Birthday my friend! Sounds like it has been a grand day with a great evening to look forward to.Making my mouth water looking at that soup and bread!

  6. Happy Birthday, Maryann! I would rather have your homemade soup and homemade bread to celebrate my birthday than eat out any day!! And with friends around a bonfire, how much better could it get??

  7. Happy Birthday! Looks like you are having a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday, Maryann. God Bless You.

  9. Happy Birthday!My Mom used to make them”steam buttons”.They were so delicious!I could eat some right now!

  10. Sounds like a full and interesting day! Happy Birthday from me, too. šŸ™‚

  11. Belated happy birthday! Sounds like you had a full, busy, but happy day.  May you be blessed abundantly in the coming year!

  12. I’m glad you had such a happy birthday, even though I was completely unaware of it, hahahaha!!  I should look you up on FB, I guess, so I would have gotten that little reminder about it!  But you just can’t catch up to me, dear.  I’m heading for 59 in just a few weeks!

  13. My sweet Mama’s birthday was the 14th!  She turned 82 – you are still a Spring Chicken!Happy Birthday, a few days late!  God bless you with many more!

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