Saturday at Shady Acres


First things first:

Our baby is 20 years old today!

Happy Birthday, Rachel!  


We are making special efforts to be sure
that this little girlie doesn’t forget her “Auntie Rach”.
(So far she gets it right every time!)

We miss, miss, MISS you!
We are counting the days!


This splash of color gives me a sudden burst of joy every time I see it.

Certain Man and Middle Daughter both bought mums for me in the last week.
I have never had much luck in keeping them over the winter.
You know what?
I’m going to try again!

Shady Acres had its first hard frost last night.  I looked out at the expanse of yard and saw the markings of white that circled around.  In the area that is from the house to about a hundred feet out, (a point where the “concentration of vegetation” lessens) there appeared to be no frost.  I wonder if my flowers might have made it through.  Certain Man is quite sure that the lima beans did not.  I am sorry on one hand.  But on the other, over 75 quarts of frozen lima beans from my little patch is nothing to complain about.  They surely did not owe me anything.  I did think when I picked them this week and got over two bushels that it might be my last picking, so I picked them “tight” — taking some that I would have left if I was certain to have another chance at them. 

Remember this picture?

Certain Man is antsy when his yard looks like this. 
So he got busy the very first night and worked and worked on it.
Then Chainsaw Gary came down and worked almost every day–
cutting up the usable branches into logs for his outside furnace,
and stacking the brush on a pile.
He has hauled a nice amount of firewood up to his house.
Yesterday, he came up and loaded the brush on his dump trailer
and hauled it out to the old burn pile.
(Yep, Certain Man is starting a new burn pile!)

Today, this is what it looks like in the side yard:

All cleaned up and ready for the winter. 
One of these days, we will get the deck railing on and it will all look a whole lot better.

It’s a gorgeous day in Southern Delaware. 
I am having trouble concentrating on house things that need doing.
Now that this is done, I really have no legit diversion.
Oh, boy!!!
I guess that means:
“Kitchen, kitchen, here I come!”



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7 responses to “Saturday at Shady Acres

  1. You have a very pretty house and yard. Nice to have the downed trees out of the way isn’t it?I love mums and they are such a bright spot, I have only one this year and it is burgundy but very pretty..That is a great picture of the Little Love Bug and her Auntie Rach

  2. What a beautiful place you have and those mums are gorgeous!

  3. Your yard cleaned up so nice!!  Your home is lovely.  We are still having such hot days – mid – upper 80s still!!  I don’t love winter, but I might be ready for some cooler days.Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. Your home looks so inviting that it made me feel like packing my bags and paying you a visit! (Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.)  😉

  5. I sure love the look of your place and family members.Have a very nice week,blessings,frankI have a Xanga site as ANVRSADDAY. It includes pictures of me and my wife, but I have that one on Friends Lock due to prior trouble makers. That one is not spiritual except on Sundays. I am not trying to reach church going people there, but those who used to go. Most Christians do not like it, so if you decide to look, look to day and pray about it for further reading.

  6. They did a wonderful job of cleaning up the trees.  I believe that middle tree looks better, already … with more room to grow, and extra sunlight.

  7. When will your “baby” be home? It must be tough to have her so far from home. Little one will never forget her, I am sure.Your place looks wonderful! Lovely mum. Mums for me are best in the winter. I have a plant inside now that I will transplant when the cool temps are here to stay.

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